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The smart urban stage & Future Minds Exhibition

31st March 2011 Print

The smart urban stage & Future Minds Exhibition - a pop-up showcase for ideas and innovation that will shape lives in cities of the future - is coming to London’s Southbank from 3rd – 16th May 2011. At the heart of the urban stage is the smart Future Minds Exhibition which brings together new and visionary ideas from culture and society, design, architecture, science, media and IT, and mobility. Curated by a team of celebrity experts - Jo Whiley, Lauren Laverne, Ortis Deley, Tom Dyckhoff and William Tempest – the exhibition shows carefully selected projects that make every day urban life more positive and sustainable.

The smart Future Minds Exhibition also celebrates the future of urban mobility, and the exhibition will showcase prototypes for smart’s vehicles of the future as well as offering London the chance to take a test drive with a difference in the smart fortwo electric drive which goes on sale in 2012.

The smart Future Minds Exhibition curators:

DJ and broadcaster Jo Whiley, curator of the culture and society category, will be bringing her keen eye for spotting the next big thing as well as her knowledge of cultural goings-on to the exhibition.  Jo said:  “I love discovering newtalent and innovative ideas. The smart Future Minds Exhibition is a great way of showing that there are some really great ideas for the future coming out of the UK. There’s nothing more exciting than stumbling across an artist or project that makes your skin tingle with anticipation.”

Broadcaster and writer Lauren Laverne will use her varied media career to expertly curate the exhibition’s media & IT category. “Every day I see or hear about fantastic projects which young people have set up on their own that go on to grow and be a success. It’s so exciting to be able to talk about them and help nurture start-up projects in the UK media,” Lauren comments.

Ortis Deley, presenter of The Gadget Show on Channel 5 is bringing his experience in all things ‘tech’ to the exhibition and will curate the science category. Ortis says: “I’m a self confessed gadget geek and like to keep an eye out for projects or products which are innovative and forward thinking. It’s great when you stumble across something and think ‘this is going to be big’.”

Tom Dyckhoff, one of the UK’s leading architecture and design critics will be putting his skills into action by selecting projects which best reflect the future of the cityscape.  Tom stated: “Architecture is a subject which is truly innovative and cutting edge. Nowhere more so than in the UK as there are some really fascinating pieces of design being proposed and created. It’s a very exciting time.”

Home-grown fashion designer William Tempest is using his creative eye to curate the design category at the smart Future Minds Exhibition. “There’s creative inspiration everywhere you look – from fashion to literature. I find it inspiring to look at innovative and experimental design and take influences from the construction of objects myself,” William commented.

Dr Thomas Weber, Group Research and Development at Mercedes-Benz will curate the mobility category revealing the brand’s visions for urban mobility from smart. “The smart fortwo electric drive is going to play an important part in the future of urban driving but our innovations don’t stop there. We’re constantly developing new solutions for driving and the smart Future Minds Exhibition will showcase some of our visions for urban mobility in the future.”

But that’s not all

In addition to the smart Future Minds Exhibition, a whole host of other activities will be on show at the smart urban stage for visitors to get involved in. Activities such as the smart ‘test drive with a difference’ where consumers will have the chance to experience the benefits of driving a smart through London, as well as taking in the sights of the city via some of London’s hidden gems and smallest roads.