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Natural glow for face colour cosmetics

Natural glow for face colour cosmetics

Whilst eyebrow products continue to post brow-raising sales, this year it is cheek products which are the highlight of the market.

On a high: Coffee shop sales to top £3 billion in 2016

On a high: Coffee shop sales to top £3 billion in 2016

Coffee shops, it seems no UK high-street is complete without one, and proving consumers passion for espressos, lattes and cappuccinos, new research from Mintel reveals that this year coffee shop sales are set to reach a record new high as the market tops £3 billion.

Men's fashions through the ages

Men's fashions through the ages

It would be easy to presume that menswear has remained fairly stable over the last few decades, save for little evolutions and fads here and there.

Advances in undercover growing brings salad to London tunnels

Sitting thirty-three metres underneath the busy streets of Clapham, a disused air raid shelter from the Second World War is currently producing sustainable and fresh produce, thanks to a new initiative called Growing Underground.

Health-obsessed Brits drain UK businesses by a staggering £1.1bn

Over half (58%) of health-obsessed Brits cover up symptoms from their doctors, confusing health professionals and take more sick days than the rest of the population (28%) – with health-obsessed Brits twice as likely to take sick days, resulting in additional days off and lost productivity for UK businesses.

The dos and don'ts for family gatherings

Gatherings of the extended family can be a daunting experience. You have everyone from great granny and granddad, distant aunts and uncles and little ones to please. Large property lettings agent,, shares its top tips for a successful soiree.

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