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MBNA enhances card purchases offer on its Everyday Credit Card

MBNA has improved the card purchases offer on its Everyday Credit Card, designed to offer eligible new consumers an all-in-one solution to their everyday spending and debt consolidation needs.

Fear of missing a deal drives impulse buyers to purchase 11 items per month

Fear of missing a deal (“FOMAD”) could be driving 44 per cent of people to impulse buy online, and 52 per cent to impulse buy in-store, with the average impulse buying Brit buying 11 things a month because they are on sale, according to research revealed by UK cashback and reward site, Quidco.

Lost or stolen car keys could cost you dear

Modern car keys are no longer just pieces of stamped metal which unlock doors and start the ignition. They now contain programmed chips which remotely unlock the doors and operate the alarm, immobiliser and ignition.

Risk off! Six tips on how to ‘de-risk’ your investment portfolio

With the FTSE 100 experiencing its steepest fall in 16 months last week, many investors will be looking to minimise the damaging effect this may be having on their portfolio.

Nationwide offers its lowest-ever fixed rate mortgage

Nationwide is offering the lowest-ever fixed rate mortgage in its history.

2014 savings rise comes to an end

The steady rise in savings levels seen over the last year, from 7.42% of income saved in summer 2013 to 8.21% in spring 2014, came to an end in the summer, according to NS&I’s latest Quarterly Savings Survey.

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