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Boost your Christmas spending money

With just two pay days left until Christmas, MoneySuperMarket reveals the top ways consumers can expand their Christmas spending budget at no extra cost.

M&S Energy bill payers face price hike unless they switch

Commenting on the M&S Fix & Save September 2014 tariff expiring tomorrow, Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket said: “In August last year one of the cheapest tariffs available was M&S Energy Fix & Save September 2014.

A fifth of people withhold information on home insurance applications

Almost one in five (18%) UK householders has embellished the truth or withheld information when applying for home insurance, according to research by home insurance.

Improving economy boosts RBS but HSBC remains most attractive for investors

As Royal Bank of Scotland updates the market Graham Spooner, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, explains what it means for investors.

Skipton lowers interest rates on three and five year fixed mortgages

Skipton Building Society is reducing interest rates on many of its current residential 3 and 5 Year Fixed Rate mortgages.

Pocket money boosts money management skills in adulthood

Children who receive pocket money are more likely to develop strong financial planning skills in later life and are much less likely to be in debt, according to a pan European study of more than 12,000 consumers across Europe.

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