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Apple Pay coming to MBNA customers in the UK

MBNA will offer its customers access to Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay, later this year.

Brits who don’t bin their broadband providers are losing £83 million each year

Problems with moving broadband supplier are costing affected UK households a staggering £83 million in potential savings on their bills.

Public overestimate price of life insurance by almost 400%

While we typically overestimate the price of a loaf of bread by 43%, when it comes to life cover, we are – on average – a massive 394% out, according to research by leading insurance provider SunLife.

New flexibility will boost saving - and risk-taking

New tax-free allowances and increased flexibility will encourage savers and investors to put more money away – but could lead to a rise in the levels of risk they take on investments and the impact on their money, new research from Yorkshire Building Society shows.

Mortgage broker confidence sitting just below highest recorded levels

Mortgage broker confidence in the outlook for their own firms continues to recover, with the proportion of intermediaries who feel ‘very confident’ about the outlook for the intermediary sector and the mortgage market as a whole increasing in Q1, according to the latest Halifax Intermediaries Broker Confidence Tracker.

Hampshire Trust Bank launches market-leading three-year fixed rate bond

Hampshire Trust Bank, the specialist challenger bank, has launched a market-leading three-year fixed rate bond.

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