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How did the BoE's decision to freeze interest rates impact on the pound?

In some respects, the Bank of England (BoE) have capped the base interest for so long that the level of speculation surrounding last weeks' so-called 'Super Thursday' suddenly seems unwarranted in retrospect.

Cash still king but crown is slipping as consumers turn to contactless

The number of cash payments decreased by 11% between 2015 and 2016, but it remains the most frequently used payment method in the UK, according to new data published today by UK Finance.

Halifax most switched to bank in 2016

Official figures released by Bacs today show that Halifax was the most switched to bank on the high street in 2016.

Halifax brings back £125 current account switching offer

Halifax has brought back its popular £125 current account switching offer with the return of its TV advertising campaign.

Beginner’s survival guide on Forex Trading

Beginner’s survival guide on Forex Trading

Forex trading is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade.

5.5M over 50s poised to switch banks if their local branch closes

With reports suggesting that almost 500 high street banks are set to close in 2017, research by Saga has revealed that 5.5M (25%) over 50s will be forced to switch their account if their local branch disappears.

Value of the fiver declines by 96% in the past sixty years

As the paper £5 is withdrawn from circulation, Lloyds Private Banking looks at how the value of money has changed since the modern blue £5 note was first introduced in 1957.

The best ways to spend Bitcoin

The best ways to spend Bitcoin

It’s fair to say that Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as a whole, has taken a while to work its way into the public’s conscience.

M&S Bank welcomes new current account customers with up to £185 to spend in M&S

New M&S Current Account customers can enjoy up to £185 to spend in M&S (online and in-store) when they switch and stay with M&S Bank.

Halifax is number one choice for switchers

Official figures released by BACS show that Halifax is the most switched to bank on the high street.

Finding the best Bitcoin trading sites

Finding the best Bitcoin trading sites

If you’re looking for a new website to use to trade BitCoins; it can be difficult to know where to start your search. There aren’t too many comparison sites that allow you to search through multiple websites at once but there are other ways to identify a reliable, trustworthy site.

Banks are dead - but who's to blame?

Banks are dead - but who's to blame?

As of late March, the days when a customer could waltz into their high-street bank and demand to speak to its manager may be numbered.

Brits sitting on £420m worth of soon-to-be useless money

As the new 12-sided £1 coins come into circulation next week, Money has found that Britain has a collective £420m worth of soon-to-be useless currency in coin jars and glove boxes.

One in five SMEs miss new business opportunities due to lack of finance

The Aldermore Future Attitudes report today reveals that a fifth (19%) of all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – equating to 1.04 million firms in the UK with under 250 employees – have missed out on at least one new business opportunity in the past 12 months due to a lack of available finance.

Entrepreneur Nation - Just over 4 million British workers will become self-employed

Great Britain is a nation of aspiring entrepreneurs, according to a new report from Aldermore, the specialist lender and savings bank.