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Life in retirement - pensioners in Dorset thoroughly endorse it

Dorset is the best place in England and Wales to retire, according to new analysis from Prudential. Pensioners in the county enjoy the highest quality of life based on a new quality of retirement index that has been developed by the insurer using a selection of publicly available ONS data.

Victory for consumers as pension saving limits to be scrapped

Restrictions limiting the amount that millions of British workers can save towards their pensions are now set to be scrapped.

Number of people not planning to retire remains at record level

One in seven (14%) non-retired people, the equivalent of around 5 million individuals, do not plan on retiring, according to the latest consumer research by Baring Asset Management.

Women will be hardest hit by retirement finance reforms

New research and analysis from MGM Advantage suggests women are likely to be hit hardest by the retirement finance reforms announced in this year’s Budget, as they are not only less likely than men to seek or value financial advice but also less aware of the products and services available to them.

Keeping busy in retirement: The generation that doesn't want to stop working

Roughly two-thirds of employees approaching retirement intend to continue doing some form of paid or voluntary work once they are in ‘retirement’, a new survey from Towry, the wealth adviser, has found.

Drawdown’s sting for April pension delayers

Many people retiring now also want to take advantage of the greater pension freedoms next April. They may be thinking about using a drawdown pension to avoid buying an annuity, but they should tread carefully, according to financial services provider, NFU Mutual.

To defer or not to defer; the state pension dilemma

A recent Towry survey has found that 65 per cent of over-50s still in full time employment intend to continue to do some form of paid work during their retirement.

Offside rule is easier to explain than a pension

As the new Premier League season begins, new research from Friends Life shows that more people would find it easier to explain the offside rule than they would a pension.

The average retirement now lasts nearly 20 years

People turning 65 this year can expect to average nearly 20 years in retirement, according to new analysis by Prudential.

Pension freedom could ease strain of expensive debt in retirement

More than four million retirees leave work with at least one financial commitment, forking out an average of £332 each month, research from Fidelity Worldwide Investment reveals.

The rise of the part-time pensioner

The nature of retirement has changed and it is no longer a matter of leaving the workplace with a golden carriage clock and entering a quiet life of leisure.

London & Colonial launch Flexible Open annuity with “cash out” option

Last month the Treasury announced (in their “Government response to their budget paper “Freedom and Choice in pensions”) that they would extend the new pension freedoms to the annuity market from April 2015.

10,000 jumbo jets fly towards better retirement with automatic enrolment

Four million people have now been automatically enrolled in workplace pensions – an increase of over 1 million this year or over 6,000 a day on average.

Misplaced fears about equity release could mean pensioners miss out

Britain’s pensioners could be missing out on much-needed cash in retirement because of mistaken beliefs about equity release, research from Aviva shows.

Keep working beyond 60 to get biggest pay rises

Since 2011, workers over the age of 60 have seen their earnings rise faster than any other age group, according to new analysis by Prudential.