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“Smart” move for MBNA card services customers

“Smart” move for MBNA card services customers

MBNA has launched a new Smartphone Card Services app as part of the continued evolution of the way it provides services to customers.

Keep Christmas card safe this year

Last year one in five new Nationwide credit cards sent out during the festive season were to replace lost or stolen cards.

Costly Christmas needs careful budgeting

The Christmas countdown is on and with three weeks to go, MoneySuperMarket reveals nearly a third (30 per cent) of Christmas spenders won’t be able to make their November salary last to fund the festivities.

Nationwide first in UK to launch by Visa Digital Wallet

Nationwide Building Society, in partnership with Visa Europe, has announced the launch of by Visa, a digital wallet that will offer the Society’s over six and a half million credit and debit card customers an innovative new way to make shopping online faster, easier and more secure.

Flexible friend saves over 50s money on foreign exchange fees

Saga Platinum credit card customers made the most of their holiday this summer, as they saved an estimated £1.5 million in foreign exchange fees when using their Saga Platinum Credit Card this year.

Savvy shoppers can save a packet this Christmas

Consumers should make the most of the credit and loyalty card deals during the festive season, to make sure they earn extra bang for their buck, according to MoneySuperMarket.

Beat the energy price hikes with a cashback credit card

As the cost of living weighs heavily on household budgets with energy bills hitting an all-time high, every penny counts for most consumers in the run up to the festive season.

M&S Bank celebrates 10-year anniversary of reward credit card

M&S Bank is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the M&S Credit Card, which launched in October 2003. Over one million customers have held their credit card since launch, and over the past 10-years M&S Credit Card customers have shared £400m in M&S vouchers, with 40 billion points earned during this period.

Credit card confessions: Brits reveal truth behind their secret spending

Hidden credit card purchases are causing rifts between couples, with one in ten Brits separating or divorcing their partner as a result, according to research from MoneySuperMarket.

MBNA lowers balance transfer fee for new Everyday Credit Card applicants

MBNA has lowered the balance transfer fee on its Everyday Credit Card, designed to offer eligible consumers an all-in-one solution to their everyday spending and debt consolidation needs.

5% of people in a relationship have ‘hidden' credit cards

When it comes to money it seems that UK couples like to keep their finances divorced. A survey, conducted with more than 1,200 British adults currently in a relationship, found that 16% like to keep love and money separate.

Tesco Bank launches a new market leading low APR credit card

Tesco Bank has added a low APR option to its Clubcard Credit Card range, offering customers a market leading* 7.8% APR representative on purchases and 3 months 0% interest on purchases from account opening.

7 million Brits planned to cash in on rewards this summer

Seven million Brits planned to redeem rewards they earned on Credit or Charge cards, according to research from American Express.

MBNA launches two new Rate for Life credit cards

MBNA has launched two new ‘Rate for Life' credit cards for eligible UK consumers, offering them a choice of low lifetime rate cards to best serve their financial needs.

Credit where credit’s due

MBNA has become the first UK credit card company to achieve Quality in Credit Management (QICM) accreditation.