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Credit Cards

Half of credit card holders offered a credit limit increase without asking

Nearly half of credit card holders have been offered a credit limit increase by their provider, in the past year despite not asking for one.

Lloyds Bank shakes up the market with three new credit cards

Lloyds Bank has shaken up the market by introducing three new balance transfer credit cards.

Brits not as savvy as they think when it comes to ID protection

A staggering four million people in the UK have already fallen victim to identity theft; the Experian Victims of Fraud team showed a massive (37%) year-on-year increase in the number of confirmed cases of fraud resolved in 2013 – yet, it appears that many Brits are still falling short of even the basics of online identity protection.

The AA launches its longest ever 0% balance transfer credit card

The AA has launched its best ever balance transfer credit card, offering a 0% rate on balance transfers for up to 28 months with a handling fee of 2.9% (minimum £3).

Don’t let ID fraudsters turn a dream holiday into a nightmare

With summertime in full swing and the school holidays starting, jetting off for a week of sun, sea and TLC is top of the to-do list right now for many Brits.

Cashless society: 1 in 10 carrying zero cash with them

The increasing popularity and practicality of shopping on plastic using debit and credit cards may be helping to transform the UK into a cashless society.

Play your cards right on holiday to beat charges

Holidaymakers planning on using their plastic abroad can see the extra charges mount up if they are not careful, banking expert David Black of Consumer Intelligence warns.

Balance transfer battle hots up again

Barclaycard has launched a market leading 33 month 0% interest balance transfer card in response to Halifax’s 32 month offer.

Biggest bonus airline miles campaign launched

MBNA, the power behind the credit cards of some of the UK’s most popular brands, has boosted the bonus mile offers for a range of UK airline credit card programmes.

Santander’s summer special 1% cashback credit card bonus beats booking blues

To help customers anticipate a happy holiday this summer, Santander has launched a holiday travel offer which provides an extra 1% bonus cashback when holders use its 1|2|3 credit card to book flights, hotels and at travel agents from 1 June 2014 to 31 August 2014 inclusive.

MBNA launches simple, new Low Rate Credit Card

MBNA has launched a simple, low rate credit card for eligible new customers offering a single low rate, no balance transfer or money transfer fees and no annual fee.

MBNA launches Everyday Credit Card offer for new customers

MBNA has improved its Everyday Credit Card, designed to offer eligible new customers an all-in-one solution to their everyday spending and debt consolidation needs.

New statistics reveal increase in identity fraud

Analysis from Experian reveals a 37% year-on-year increase in confirmed fraud cases identified by the Experian Victims of Fraud service in 2013.

Brits hold £1.3bn in unclaimed loyalty card savings

Shoppers hold an estimated £1.3bn of savings in unclaimed loyalty points according to new research commissioned by

MBNA Platinum Credit Card offers zero percent p.a. for up to 31 months

Credit card provider MBNA has launched its longest ever balance transfer credit card, offering eligible new customers zero percent p.a. on balance transfers and money transfers for up to 31 months from the account opening date (handling fees apply).