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Credit Cards

New school year could leave UK parents with £1.5 billion bill

As the start of the new school year approaches, parents of the UK's 8.1 million school children aged 5 to 16 could be facing a bill of £1.5 billion to kit out their children ready for the new term according to research by Nationwide Building Society.

Credit card companies go refund crazy to catch more customers

The credit card conflict rages on, as Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds seek to attract more customers by offering balance transfer fee refunds and longer interest free periods.

New credit card tool could help save Brits money is launching a new credit card calculator, which could help Brits save hundreds of pounds on interest and shorten their debt duration, by simply increasing their payments by as little as £5.

The benefits of using credit and debit cards abroad

As families get ready to pack up their bucket and spade for the peak holiday season, The UK Cards Association has pulled together guidance on using debit and credit cards abroad to help them get the best value for money when spending abroad.

Halifax boosts All in One Credit Card offer

Halifax has increased the interest-free period on both balance transfers and new purchases to 15 months on its All in One Credit Card.

Football Credit Cards - smart fans could bag a free team shirt

With the 2013/14 football season fast approaching Andrew Hagger of looks at whether football credit cards offer a good deal.

Barclaycard up the stakes in the credit card clash

Yesterday Nationwide launched a new 26 month 0% interest balance transfer term for its Select card, but today (Friday) Barclaycard has fought back by extending the length of its balance transfer period to 28 months, the longest interest free period on the market - with a balance transfer fee of 3.5%.

Balance transfer battle hots up

Twenty per cent of Brits have never switched credit card providers and 65% of those who use their card on holiday, have never switched to get a better balance transfer deal, according to research by

Nationwide launches new credit card offer

Nationwide Building Society is increasing the length of its interest-free balance transfer offer and reducing its balance transfer fee on both the Select Credit Card (available to main current account customers) and Nationwide Credit Card for all new customers.

Generation gap in credit card spending know-how

British pensioners are the most knowledgeable age group when it comes to using their flexible friend abroad, according to a study, commissioned by

73% of Britons have experienced a fraud attempt

Nearly three quarters of the UK's population has experienced some type of fraud attempt, according to a survey by first direct.

Death of a fiver - Plastic fantastic for smaller purchases

Plastic is increasingly replacing five pound and ten pound notes as more people turn to the convenience of cards over cash for ever smaller purchases.

Online tool helps understand the cost of credit cards

Following a research project undertaken with the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) at The University of Bristol, The UK Cards Association has launched a new website - with the objective of helping consumers improve their understanding of their credit card costs.

Brits missing out on £6 billion through passive plastic

American Express is urging Brits to make the most of their plastic following the release of the UK Cards Association Plastic Cards 2013 report.

AMEX Shop Small campaign to give small businesses a boost

With almost daily headlines about the future of UK high streets, it's clear that many small businesses are facing challenges when it comes to navigating their way through the current economic climate.