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Credit Cards

Card fraud increased in 2012

Card fraud within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) increased in 2012 for the first time since 2008, driven mainly by higher internet fraud.

Nationwide launches its best ever balance transfer offer

From 20 February 2014, Nationwide Building Society is reducing its balance transfer fee to 0.75 per cent for all new customers on both the Select Credit Card (available to main current account customers) and Nationwide Credit Card.

MBNA and Virgin Atlantic sign new UK credit card partnership

Virgin Atlantic and MBNA have signed a new five year UK credit card partnership and have enhanced their leading Virgin Atlantic Black Credit Card Account for eligible new customers.

Telephone shoppers are putting their credit cards at risk of fraud

Many of us are putting ourselves at risk of fraud by reading credit and debit numbers out loud in public places, according to research commissioned by Semafone.

Getting your credit profile into shape in 2014

With post-Christmas credit card bills hitting door mats over the coming weeks, many UK households will be looking to consolidate their debts in order to get their finances in order.

A quarter of us had our credit or debit cards declined one or more times in 2013

One in 10 people had their credit or debit card declined more than once during 2013 because they ran out of money, new research has found.

Zero per cent credit card deals are not always what they seem

Credit card wars have seen zero per cent balance transfer offers soar to as long as 30 months – but applicants do not always get exactly what they ask for, according to new findings from Consumer Intelligence.

January offers for Nationwide customers

Nationwide Building Society has launched a series of exclusive offers for its main current account customers. This includes a credit card cashback offer and a reduced personal loan rate; just two of a number of ‘Flexclusive’ offers that are available.

New Sainsbury's Nectar credit card - exclusively through MoneySupermarket

Sainsbury’s Bank has launched a new Sainsbury's Nectar Credit Card exclusively through MoneySupermaket.

Get money fit in 2014 for a new year and new you

Faced with a New Year and a new start, many people may be worried about existing debts and any additional costs they’ve piled on during the festive period and over the course of 2013.

Consumers starting January with £3,000 on their credit card

Consumers will see in the New Year owing an average of £2,875 on their credit card, according to new research from But a worrying 7% of consumers will start 2014 with balances of £10,000 or more on their card.

MBNA launches its longest balance transfer credit card

MBNA has launched its longest credit card offer, with eligible new customers now able to receive zero percent interest on balance transfers and money transfers for up to 29 months from account opening date.

“Smart” move for MBNA card services customers

“Smart” move for MBNA card services customers

MBNA has launched a new Smartphone Card Services app as part of the continued evolution of the way it provides services to customers.

Zero per cent costs for one in three credit card customers

More than one in three credit card customers do not clear their debts or believe they will not clear them despite taking out zero per cent balance transfer deals, according to new findings from Consumer Intelligence.

Keep Christmas card safe this year

Last year one in five new Nationwide credit cards sent out during the festive season were to replace lost or stolen cards.