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Credit Cards

Boost your Christmas spending money

With just two pay days left until Christmas, MoneySuperMarket reveals the top ways consumers can expand their Christmas spending budget at no extra cost.

Lloyds Bank provides purchasing power with its longest ever 0% purchase card

Lloyds Bank has launched its longest ever interest free purchase card. The card is designed to help support purchases, be it day-to-day or for one-off items, with repayments spread interest free over 19 months.

The battle of the balance transfer is hotting up again

Earlier this week Sainsbury’s and Tesco increased their 0% balance transfer deals to 33 months – matching Barclaycard’s 33 month offer.

Sainsbury’s introduces new credit card offers

Two new offers are now available: the market’s longest ever balance transfer and purchase credit card, both for 18 months, and a card offering 0% interest on balance transfers for 33 months.

Five signs you’re a victim of identity theft

More than 132,000 cases of identity-related fraud were recorded in the UK in 2013 – the equivalent of more than 350 people falling victim every day.

MBNA Platinum credit card offers zero percent p.a. for up to 32 months

Credit card provider of the year MBNA has launched its longest ever balance transfer credit card, offering eligible new customers zero percent p.a. on balance transfers and money transfers for up to 32 months from the account opening date.

Quarter of parents rely on credit for back to school costs

With uniforms, books, stationery and other extras on parents’ shopping lists, many families will soon be thinking about how to cover the cost of the start of the new school year.

New Pockit Prepaid MasterCard slashes typical charges by 76%, the innovative Prepaid MasterCard provider, has laid down a gauntlet and launched one of the UK's first prepaid cards that is completely fee free to load online and spend anywhere in the UK and does not charge for account dormancy or cancellations.

Half of credit card holders offered a credit limit increase without asking

Nearly half of credit card holders have been offered a credit limit increase by their provider, in the past year despite not asking for one.

Lloyds Bank shakes up the market with three new credit cards

Lloyds Bank has shaken up the market by introducing three new balance transfer credit cards.

Brits not as savvy as they think when it comes to ID protection

A staggering four million people in the UK have already fallen victim to identity theft; the Experian Victims of Fraud team showed a massive (37%) year-on-year increase in the number of confirmed cases of fraud resolved in 2013 – yet, it appears that many Brits are still falling short of even the basics of online identity protection.

The AA launches its longest ever 0% balance transfer credit card

The AA has launched its best ever balance transfer credit card, offering a 0% rate on balance transfers for up to 28 months with a handling fee of 2.9% (minimum £3).

Don’t let ID fraudsters turn a dream holiday into a nightmare

With summertime in full swing and the school holidays starting, jetting off for a week of sun, sea and TLC is top of the to-do list right now for many Brits.

Cashless society: 1 in 10 carrying zero cash with them

The increasing popularity and practicality of shopping on plastic using debit and credit cards may be helping to transform the UK into a cashless society.

Play your cards right on holiday to beat charges

Holidaymakers planning on using their plastic abroad can see the extra charges mount up if they are not careful, banking expert David Black of Consumer Intelligence warns.