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Confusion reigns over European Health Insurance Card

UK tourists jetting off on summer holidays abroad risk laying themselves open to hefty medical bills because of confusion over the benefits offered by a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Top 10 tips for cutting the cost of car insurance

There are many factors that affect your car insurance that you can’t easily control, such as your age, years of driving experience, job, and where you live.

Travel insurance ‘not necessary’ for almost half of holidaymakers who travel uninsured

As the summer holiday season looms, new research reveals that 44 per cent of holidaymakers who travel abroad without insurance think it is ‘not necessary’.

Less than a third of British workers have a financial back up plan

According to new research from Aegon, just 29% of British workers currently have a financial safety net in place if they were unable to work.

Public overestimate price of life insurance by almost 400%

While we typically overestimate the price of a loaf of bread by 43%, when it comes to life cover, we are – on average – a massive 394% out, according to research by leading insurance provider SunLife.

Car insurance premiums up eight per cent year-on-year

Car insurance premiums rose by eight per cent in May, compared to May 2014, according to analysis of 1.9 million quotes by MoneySuperMarket.

Organised fraud up 28% as gangs continue to exploit “cash for crash”

Aviva detected over 14,000 fraudulent claims worth £95 million in 2014 – equivalent to 39 fraudulent claims worth an average of £260,000 every day.

Motorists overspend £1 billion a year by paying for car insurance by monthly installments

Motorists who pay for their car insurance monthly could save £62 each – or £992 million collectively as a nation – by switching to an annual payment, according to research by

Jeremy and Richard give driving a bad name

MoneySuperMarket’s ‘Names with claims’ analysis of 11.3 million car insurance quotes run on the site, reveals the top 20 male and female names who make the most claims on their car insurance policies.

Average life cover payout falls £31,500 short of average outstanding mortgage

The UK’s famous ‘protection gap’ is caused by under-insurance as much as it is by no insurance, according to research by SunLife.

Insurance on the go: Are you covered?

People are carrying as much as £1,567 with them while they are out and about, potentially leaving them unprotected in the process, warns Saga Home Insurance.

Motorists warned about uninsured modifications Car Insurance is warning drivers not to inadvertently invalidate their car insurance by not advising their insurer of any modifications they make to their vehicle.

Half of households would struggle to meet everyday costs on one income

Half of households would struggle to make ends meet is if they lost their main income according to new research by AA Life Insurance.

Delaying buying travel cover could prove a costly mistake is warning holidaymakers heading abroad not to leave arranging their travel insurance to the last minute or risk losing valuable cover if they unexpectedly need to cancel or cut their trip short.

It’s not always about the money

Britons are at risk of losing or damaging their most cherished possessions according to new research released.