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4.1 million travel to Europe without insurance cover

With the holiday season in full swing, new research from the AA reveals that almost one in ten holidaymakers (9%) travel to Europe without travel insurance. That’s the equivalent of 4.1 million travellers this year without cover.

British men twice as likely to ignore serious health symptoms as women

British men twice as likely to ignore serious health symptoms as women

British men are almost twice as likely as women to avoid seeking medical help when experiencing a serious health symptom.

Travel insurance helps over 4,300 holiday makers every week

In 2013 over 4,300 holiday makers every week depend on the safety net travel insurance provides in paying for emergency medical treatment at a cost on average of £930 per claim, according to data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Holidaymakers return to home emergencies

As the summer holidays begin, many will be jetting off and leaving their home empty for a week or two.

Men rack up greater bucks for their bangs

Women drivers are more likely to make a claim on their car insurance for an accident that is of their own making, according to analysis of over 11 million car insurance quotes through MoneySuperMarket.

A DIY home removal could put a dent in your finances

A DIY home removal could put a dent in your finances

Home buyers thinking of moving themselves are being warned to check their home contents insurance to make sure they don’t end up with a dent in their finances. Most policies only cover the loss of, or damage to, your possessions during a home move if they are packed and transported by professionals.

Nationwide offers £50 Amazon voucher to current account customers purchasing buildings and contents cover

Nationwide is offering main current account customers purchasing combined buildings and contents cover a £50 Amazon voucher.

Over packed but under insured?

Brits jetting off on a foreign holiday pack around £1,000 worth of clothes, accessories, toiletries and valuables, including jewellery and electronic gadgets, according to new research.

Only half of all drivers say they check last year’s car insurance premium at renewal

According to’s figures 8.8 million drivers rolled-over their last car insurance policy without checking for cheaper premiums, missing out on savings of up to £225.09.

Vauxhall slashes young-driver insurance costs

Vauxhall slashes young-driver insurance costs

Vauxhall is helping drive down the cost of motoring for young drivers by offering those aged 18-20 one year’s insurance cover for a one off payment of just £99, with the Vauxhall Corsa Excite or Limited Edition models.

Backpacker and extended trip insurance under the spotlight

Backpackers are being urged to make sure they pick a travel insurance policy that covers all their needs - from countries they want to visit to the activities (sporting or work) they plan to undertake, and that won’t expire before the end of their travels.

Make smoking hot savings by kicking the habit

The seventh anniversary of the smoking ban is fast approaching on 1 July and the latest research from MoneySuperMarket reveals ditching the cigarettes could save Brits over £6,000 on life cover – so there’s no better time for smokers to kick the habit and benefit from healthier bodies and bank balances.

Ageas enhances its Household product range

In direct response to feedback from its brokers and customers, Ageas has undertaken a full review of its Household policies and introduced significant enhancements and extensions across the entire range – from outbuildings theft through to data downloads.

What happens in Kavos... could be a huge financial hangover

Hundreds of 18 to 24 year old holidaymakers travelling abroad could be leaving themselves thousands of pounds out of pocket as a result of large medical bills, lost baggage or cancelled flights, according to new research.

Don’t give bike thieves an easy ride

Bike loving Brits gearing up for the Tour De France risk being left in a spin by failing to protect their pedals.