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Life Insurance

Apathy and high prices leave 55 per cent of Brits without life cover

Despite rising levels of financial commitment, British adults are rejecting the peace of mind offered by life insurance, a new study has found.

Life insurance a misunderstood subject

Price comparison experts are encouraging people not to be put off buying life insurance as just over a third of Brits - 35% admit they find it a complicated issue; with the age group 35-44 finding it the most complicated.

People are more likely to insure their houses than their spouses

Over a third of people will insure the contents of their homes before they insure their lives, according to new research from Zurich.

Women unaware of impending rise in life and critical insurance cost

A survey by London & Country Mortgages has revealed that more than 80% of women are completely unaware of the forthcoming introduction of the European Gender Directive this year.

Aviva and Tesco Bank enter into life protection agreement

Aviva has announced an exclusive five-year deal with Tesco Bank to provide life protection products for its UK retail customers.

Buy life insurance with and earn Nectar points

Expert price-comparison site is continuing its Nectar promotion with a new exciting twist; for every life insurance policy bought through, 5,000 Nectar points will be given away to the policyholder.

One in three people may stretch the truth to cut insurance bills

A third of people (33%) will consider embellishing their responses when completing an insurance application form in order to keep their premiums down, according to new research from Zurich.

Britain facing life protection gap

Nearly two thirds (60 per cent) of adults in the UK do not have life insurance, which supports the view that Britain is facing a protection gap in the UK insurance market of £2.4 trillion.

Majority of families left unprotected and at risk of financial hardship

New research from Scottish Widows shows that nearly three quarters (74 percent) of people are putting their families' financial security at risk, by failing to protect their future through life insurance, critical illness or income protection.

Life insurance and inheritance tax planning's annual Tax Action Report reveals UK taxpayers will waste £448 million this year due to poor inheritance tax (IHT) planning when it comes to their life insurance policies.

Is life insurance the newest way to say ‘I love you?’

Forget the petrol station flowers, taking out life insurance or breakdown cover for your partner is deemed romantic by some couples, according to new findings from

Over 50s life cover that pays out for serious and terminal illness

The newly launched ‘Over 50s Life Cover Plus' from Engage Mutual is the only plan of its kind on the market to offer customers the flexibility to claim a cash lump sum on the diagnosis of a serious or terminal illness at no extra cost.

How long would your ‘Financial Safety Net' last?

Over 20 million Britons would be unable to maintain their current lifestyle after September 2012 if they had to live off any ‘emergency' funds, according to Bright Grey's Financial Safety Net report.

Stop smoking and save thousands on life insurance

With National No Smoking Day (14 March 2012) approaching, and the fifth anniversary of the smoking ban this year, recent research from reveals those who kick the habit could see a benefit to their wealth as well as their health.

Half of life cover claims made for people under 55

Scottish Provident has revealed that 50% of its life cover payouts during 2011 were made to policy holders under the age of 55 years old.