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Household Bills

E.ON to pay £12 million package following Ofgem misselling investigation

E.ON has agreed to pay £12m to vulnerable customers, after Ofgem’s investigation found it had broken energy sales rules. E.ON has also committed to compensating any customer that it missold to, including automatic payments to some vulnerable customers.

Over 9 million mobile users could be unwittingly paying for handsets they’ve already paid off

More than 9 million mobile phone owners could be forking out money each month for handsets that have already been paid off in full, according to new research by

Vodafone introduces its fixed price promise

Vodafone UK is introducing a fixed price promise which confirms that customers will not have to pay any increases in their monthly line rental for their contract term.

British public 'out of touch' with cost of everyday items

With the major political parties at odds over whether the 'cost-of-living' crisis is over or not, a new survey has shown that many people in Great Britain are in the dark over the true cost of several everyday goods.

Virgin Media goes big with UK’s first true ‘quad-play’ bundles

Virgin Media goes big with UK’s first true ‘quad-play’ bundles

Virgin Media is transforming the way in which home communications and entertainment services can be bought, with the introduction of flexible new Big Bundles.

£7600 to make your home more energy efficient

Households carrying out energy efficiency improvements on their home can now get more money back to offset the cost of having the work done.

Big six fight back begins with new tariff from EDF Energy

While OVO Energy and First Utility continue to top the tables with their sub-£1,000 a year dual fuel tariffs, one of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers – EDF Energy – has mounted a comeback with a competitive fixed tariff, according to

21 million Brits missing a trick on shopping for better energy bills

New research reveals Brit households shop around for everything in life, from holidays and insurance to gadgets and clothes - yet don’t place the same level of importance on shopping for their energy bills.

Quarter of households still have a housekeeping budget

Perhaps surprisingly, the tradition of maintaining a housekeeping budget is alive and well in many UK homes.

The tide turns again as small supplier Co-op raises energy prices

At a time when some small suppliers are doing all they can to lure customers away from the big six with table-topping deals, the Co-operative Energy has this week raised the prices of its standard tariff by up to 2.4%, according to the independent price comparison and switching service

Savvy shopping starts at 30

People are now getting married at 30 and buying their first home at 35. New research also reveals the thirties is the decade when most people’s confidence increases about being clever with their money.

Turning off the heat

One of the biggest indicators that spring has arrived is when the central heating is turned off.

UK first-time parents spend £492 million preparing for baby

First-time UK parents spend more than £492 million each year, preparing for the arrival of their first baby, according to research from life insurance provider Aviva. This equates to £1,619 per family and shows a 17% increase to the £1,389 total in March 2012.

Small energy providers trounce the ‘big six’ with cheaper tariffs

Smaller energy providers have been prominent at the top of the energy ‘best buy’ tables for some time now, and OVO Energy has taken the top spot once again with its Cheaper Energy Fixed tariff.

Brits bingeing on TV box sets

Three out of four Brits admit to bingeing on box sets of their favourite TV programmes, with thousands missing out on sleep, food and even sex to watch shows in marathon sessions!