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Household Bills

Keeping householders safe and warm

Keeping householders safe and warm

Landmark energy efficiency scheme, Warm Up North is helping North East homeowners stay safe as ‘rogue traders’ look to cash in on the Government’s Green Deal scheme.

Bronzed, buff and broke

People are potentially spending thousands of pounds a year on non-essentials like eating in restaurants, going out and alcohol.

Openreach must hit new targets from next week

New rules to bring about faster line repairs and installations for telephone and broadband customers will come into effect on 1 July, Ofcom has announced.

Huge cuts in mobile data roaming price caps from 1 July

From 1 July 2014, the EU will cut the price caps for data downloads by more than half: down from 45 cents per megabyte to 20c/MB. It will become even cheaper to use maps, watch videos, check mails and update social networks while travelling across the EU.

Fear of appearing ‘tight’ fuels UK overspending

While most of us can empathise with the feeling of overspending on a night out or social occasion, new research among 3,000 UK adults from the Money Advice Service has shown that 48% of the nation admit to falling into debt as a result of their social lives.

Parents to splash out almost £500 entertaining kids this summer

UK parents will splash out £492 entertaining their children this summer – a 26 per cent increase on last year suggesting that parents are feeling a renewed sense of confidence, according to Post Office’s annual Parents’ Summer Spending Report.

New proposals to ensure competition for superfast broadband customers

Ofcom has proposed new requirements on BT to promote competition in the growing market for superfast broadband customers.

Npower to halt telesales unless it resolves billing issues

Ofgem has secured commitments from npower to take immediate action to put right its billing and complaints issues, alongside launching a wider investigation into customer service failings under Ofgem’s new Standards of Conduct.

Yoyo Brits in a spin when it comes to money

Almost half (47%) of Brits are up and down like a yoyo when it comes to money making savvy savings one moment to justify overspending the next, according to research from, Standard Life by YouGov Plc.

Ofgem leads radical shake up of energy switching process

From the end of this year the time it takes to switch energy supplier will be cut to just three days after the statutory two week cooling off period after Ofgem approved suppliers’ proposals to speed up the process.

Football fans to spend £605 million on World Cup patch-ups

Football fans across the UK are preparing to sacrifice their hard-earned cash as four million of them say they will spoil their partner with various gifts and gestures in compensation for the time they spend watching the World Cup.

EE expands broadband offering to all

Commenting on EE expanding its home and fibre broadband to everyone in the UK (not just mobile customers) Ewan Taylor-Gibson, broadband expert at says:

The £3,000 North-South living divide

Households in the north of England pay £3,000 less per year on their household bills compared to those living in the south, according to recent analysis by

Ofgem calls on energy suppliers to explain prices to consumers

Energy regulator Ofgem has called on the Big Six energy suppliers to explain to their customers what impact falling wholesale costs will have on their energy prices.

Missed mobile payments could cost you the home of your dreams

Mobile phone users are unwittingly putting their chances of getting credit, including mortgages, at risk by paying their mobile phone bills late or missing payments altogether, according to a survey on behalf of mortgages and loans broker