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Cosmetic Surgery

DIY boob job

In a society that seems obsessed with looking and feeling the best that you can, it's understandable that both men and women are always looking for various ways to achieve the looks they desire.

Sun, sea, sand and… silicone!

Britain is becoming a nation of cosmetic surgery tourists, with many of us now travelling abroad for lower-cost elective procedures, according to new research from

Breast friend - three quarters of women ‘love’ their boobs

Three quarters of women love their boobs, a new study has found. Researchers revealed that despite women often complaining about their breasts, a large percentage are 100% content with their size, shape and fullness.

Younger generation insecurity melts for the self-confident silvers

Over one fifth of all British over 55s have confided that they have never felt as confident as they do in their prime – showing that, like fine wine, we improve with age.

Considering LaserEye Surgery

Wearing glasses and contact lenses isn’t for everyone and the price of continued use can seriously mount up. If you’re just tired of the hassle of wearing either, you may be considering laser eye surgery.

The UK’s first hair transplant - by robot!

Ziering, a leading medical provider specializing in hair restoration, has introduced the first and only robotic hair restoration procedure to the UK.

New VelaShape Brazilian beach bottom treatment hits UK shores

Leading Brazilian dermatologist Dr Ariel Haus has been sculpting the bottoms of Brazilian babes for over 7 years using VelaShape, a non-invasive cellulite and body shaping treatment.

The success premium of the perfect smile

More than half of Brits believe that the quality of a person's teeth has a major impact on a person's career or romantic life, yet only half of us visit the dentist regularly, according to healthcare group Bupa.

Introducing new Ultherapy - The ultimate non-surgical uplift

Introducing new Ultherapy - The ultimate non-surgical uplift

Esteemed ultrasound-focused medical technology company from the US, Ulthera, is delighted to introduce Ultherapy.

Repair your smile with dental implants

Repair your smile with dental implants

Caring about the condition of your smile and wanting your teeth to look as good as they possibly can isn’t merely a question of vanity.

Take advantage of modern teeth straightening

Take advantage of modern teeth straightening

If you feel nervous, embarrassed or just less than fully confident every time you open your mouth to speak or smile, it may be because of concerns about your teeth not being totally straight.

Women reassured with safe alternative to breast implants

Women reassured with safe alternative to breast implants

Women concerned about the recent health scares over the controversial PIP breast implants can rest assured that the silicone used to manufacture its externally worn prostheses will never pose any danger to health, says world-leading manufacturer of prosthetic breast forms, Amoena.

New clinic set to brighten smiles of Bristol

New clinic set to brighten smiles of Bristol

Revolutionary new technology in teeth whitening has arrived in Bristol following the opening of a new clinic in the city.

PR Guru launches new celebrity cosmetic clinic

PR Guru and businesswoman, Claire Powell is set to launch a string of new business ventures across the UK.

Dental implants are now cheaper in the UK than abroad

Recently, a UK cosmetic dentistry provider - Dentalcare Plus – took the initiative to lower their prices in order to directly compete with the total cost of travelling and receiving dental implant treatment abroad.