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Experience the beauty of Tuscany

19th March 2012 Print

Famous for its hilly farmland and cultural highlights, Tuscany is a favourite destination for holiday makers looking for the finer things in life. The region is considered as one of the most beautiful areas of Italy owing to its lush landscapes and spectacular scenery.

As the birthplace of Italian Renaissance, Tuscany is understandably rich in culture. In fact the province has been home to some of Italy's most celebrated artists like Donatello, Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo, and their influence can be seen in towns and cities throughout the region.

Admire the exquisite, if slightly crooked architecture in Pisa, known for its historic churches, palaces and bridges and of course, that tower! Or explore the medieval city of Siena, the setting for the 2008 James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

A trip to Tuscany isn't complete without a tour of the most romantic city in the world, Florence. A stroll along the Ponte Vecchio at night will show you why Florence has been given such a prestigious title!

Amongst the classic renaissance architecture, medieval, Baroque and Neoclassical buildings can be found on just a short wander around the historic streets. Numerous museums and art galleries can also be found in the bustling city, and arguably the most famous sculpture in the world, Michelangelo's David, is housed at the Galleria Museum.

Hiking or cycling around Tuscany is a fantastic way to soak up the spectacular beauty of the region. A number of companies offer bicycle hire and there are numerous hiking trails for beginners up to experts.

Tuscany's unique cuisine uses simple, fresh Mediterranean ingredients like asparagus, fish and spinach to create superb, flavoursome dishes!

Cookery courses are a popular way to experience the full flavours Tuscany has to offer and the olive oil is Tuscany is also among the best in Italy - bottles of olive oil make an ideal souvenir to continue your culinary teachings back home!

The Thermal Springs at Saturina, in Maremma are ideal for relaxation and pampering. The natural sulphuric warm waters were said to have been created by a thunderbolt from King of the gods Jupiter, when it landed during a battle against Saturn!

Authentic Italy has a number of apartments for those looking to be in the centre of Florence. Property 5724 is ideal for a group of 4-5, housed in a 19th century palace in the centre of the old city.

Property 5366 is a modern villa situated in the countryside surrounding Pisa. Allowing for up to 6 guests, it would be a great base for a family looking to explore the rolling countryside as well as the cultural treats of Pisa.

If you're looking for peace and tranquillity, property 5158 is a spectacular 16th Century castle nestled in the vineyards in the Livorno region. Ideal for large groups eager to enjoy the historic building in luxurious comfort!

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