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Balance transfer deals are disappearing, act now to shift debt

With payment holidays coming to an end and personal debt increasing, Defaqto, the independent financial information and technology experts, have analysed the market to see what is out there to help borrowers manage their debt.

8 ways to save money each month that are easier than you think

Slashing the cost of your monthly expenses can often start to feel a little impossible. You manage to reduce the cost of one bill only to find that another one is going to rise.

How is emotional distress damages in a car accident case determined?

How is emotional distress damages in a car accident case determined?

The emotional damages component of a car accident lawsuit can often yield significant pay-out if emotional distress can be established. Because of this, a lot of effort, time, and money, is spent determining the validity of a person’s emotional distress claims.

What are vested and unvested stocks?

When investing in stocks it is important to know the kind of stock you are investing in as well as the impact that this can have in terms of long term investment.

3 reasons to consider a home equity loan

3 reasons to consider a home equity loan

At some point or another, most homeowners have found themselves in a position where they need to free up money on a short deadline. Whether to cover unforeseen repairs or consolidate debt, finding cash to cover major expenses can be a major headache.

Reasons to start saving today

The oldest bartering system on record involved the exchange of livestock for goods and services. However, swapping animals for the things we wanted to own was a little cumbersome (imagine shopping around for new shoes with four camels and two donkeys trailing you on a leash).

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