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TSB offers £20 cashback for new credit card customers

TSB is offering £20 cashback to new customers taking out a TSB credit card when they spend £20.

5 ways to avoid unnecessary financial risks

While there are several reasons that taking some financial risks are a good thing, there are other times that you want to make sure you have a secure hold of your finances.

5 things taxi insurance will do for you

In the UK, taxi insurance is compulsory for taxi and private hire vehicles. You can’t operate the two with the standard car insurance policy, as it is among the key requirements you need to fulfil when applying for a licence.

How to give your child the gift of £18k on their 18th birthday

Turning 18 is a milestone in everyone’s lives and when it comes to finding the perfect gift, many of us can be left scratching our heads.

Leeds set to boost first time buyer support with rate reductions

Leeds Building Society is continuing its support for first time buyers through a range of rate reductions on high LTV (loan to value) and Help to Buy mortgages.

4 secrets to making and saving money

4 secrets to making and saving money

Being financially healthy is never a bad thing, but many people have trouble making and saving enough money to live comfortably. According to a survey, only 16 percent of Americans save more than 15 percent of their incomes, which is the amount financial experts generally recommend.

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