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Half of UK young men have had a beauty treatment in the past year

Half of UK young men have had a beauty treatment in the past year

Once a Christmas bath set and a bottle of aftershave was all it took, but today it seems that Britain’s men are becoming more discerning with their beauty regime.

How to start a bar that's different to existing establishments

As an entrepreneur, you are faced with many opportunities and challenges. Pursuing your dreams and opening your own business is exciting, but you also want it to be successful.

Quality vs Cheap: How well do you know your suits?

Suit’s should be viewed as a necessary investment; so many events require the purchase of a new suit. Maybe you’ve been invited to a christening, a wedding or maybe you’re simply looking to sharpen up for the office.

How much waste is produced in the UK?

Businesses need to understand the importance of waste management — regardless of their industry. Sometimes, it is something that eager entrepreneurs don’t consider when they’re setting up their own businesses.

5 ways that your posture may be causing you back pain

Back pain and other pains in your body are caused by many different things. Back pain is not something which should be taken lightly as left untreated it can cause some very serious issues.

Hiring the right venue for your event

There can be lots of different reasons why you would want to hire a venue. It could be for your wedding, for a conference, for a family birthday celebration or maybe it is for an awards ceremony or a team building exercise.

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