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Half of UK young men have had a beauty treatment in the past year

Half of UK young men have had a beauty treatment in the past year

Once a Christmas bath set and a bottle of aftershave was all it took, but today it seems that Britain’s men are becoming more discerning with their beauty regime.

The evolution of TV cookery programmes: why are they so popular?

With the BBC celebrating a peak of 4.6 million viewers for the last series of Celebrity Masterchef, the UK appears to be obsessed with kitchen TV. But it’s not just Celebrity MasterChef that has the UK hooked, as our TV schedules are filled with foodie television right now.

3 Autumn Winter Trends to Invest in Now

Even though we’re still currently enjoying the Summer, Autumn is just around the corner and so are the new A/W trends.

How are British supermarkets tackling the epidemic food waste problem?

Every day there is a story in the news about waste — from food waste to plastics — which has lead Theresa May to pledge to eliminate plastic by 2042.

Which countries live the longest?

Living condition improvements and all round better healthcare are both contributing factors to our ever-growing population and life span. But how does the ageing population vary around the world, and region to region?

Things to do as a first semester premedical student

Applying to medical school starts a long time before you submit the application. There are lots of things that you need to do to prepare for medical school, and you should be checking off some of these tasks as early as your freshman year for the best chance of getting accepted.

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