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Half of UK young men have had a beauty treatment in the past year

Half of UK young men have had a beauty treatment in the past year

Once a Christmas bath set and a bottle of aftershave was all it took, but today it seems that Britain’s men are becoming more discerning with their beauty regime.

The World Cup’s most memorable goal celebrations

Footballers will tell you there’s no feeling like scoring a goal. The second the ball hits the back of the net, the scorer is engulfed with sheer euphoria and waves of almost unbridled joy.

Quality vs Cheap: How well do you know your suits?

Suit’s should be viewed as a necessary investment; so many events require the purchase of a new suit. Maybe you’ve been invited to a christening, a wedding or maybe you’re simply looking to sharpen up for the office.

How are British supermarkets tackling the epidemic food waste problem?

Every day there is a story in the news about waste — from food waste to plastics — which has lead Theresa May to pledge to eliminate plastic by 2042.

10 ways to lose weight fast

Unfortunate as it may be, losing weight and keeping it off means putting in the required effort. On the plus side, there are certain tried and tested approaches to losing weight quicker than you otherwise might.

Evaluating the ROI of the most popular master’s degrees

Continued education remains one of the most crucial and fundamental aspects to a prosperous life. With a majority of current college-aged adults pursuing at least some form of post-secondary education, the supply of traditional degrees in the workforce has never been larger.

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