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Flaunt Your Ink: Clothing Choices to Showcase Your New Tattoo

22nd August 2023 Print

A tattoo can provide you with a great way to show off your identity, embrace your personality, or even commemorate someone you have lost. 

For some people, a tattoo is as much a work of art as a painting on a wall or a sculpture in a garden, so it is only natural that they want to show off their latest tattoo as best as they can. 

Whatever your motivations for getting a tattoo may be, knowing the best ways to showcase your ink to those around you is important. So, below, we have put together some great alternative tattoo clothing to help you achieve this goal; read on for all you need to know to be inspired! 

What Are Tattoos?

Before we take a closer look at some of the best clothing choices to help you showcase your new tattoo, it is important to understand just what tattoos are.

In the simplest terms, a tattoo is a design that is embedded into the skin using coloured ink, administered by a professional who is trained in the art form. They can be used to commemorate a loved one who has passed, or to display and embrace cultural traditions and beliefs. 

A History Of Tattoos

History shows us that tattoos have been a part of human culture since at least the Neolithic period, and their popularity has remained consistent throughout the course of human culture. 

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of tattoos from cultures such as the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greece, Neolithic hunter-gatherer tribes, Mesopotamia and the Middle East, the Persian Empire, and a host of other cultures and traditions right up to the present day.

Tattoos come in a range of types and designs, including:

- Line Drawings

As the name suggests, line drawings are tattoos consisting of a single, simple black line, and these can be used to create elaborate designs and images.

- American Traditional Tattoos

Also known as Western traditional, or simply traditional, these types of designs are made of bold, strong black outlines, and a fairly limited, basic colour palette. The motifs and images are typically influenced by classic sailor-type tattoos.

These types are perhaps the best known in Western culture, and are among the most popular and prevalent.

- Portrait Style Tattoos

As the name suggests, these are types of tattoos that feature realistic portraits – and the subject can be a human or animal. These types of tattoos are normally used to commemorate someone who has died. However, they may also be used to celebrate someone who is still alive, but who is particularly important or significant to the individual wearing the tattoo. 

- Tribal Tattoo Styles

These are tattoos inspired by traditional tribal styles, and can come in a wide range of shapes, colours and types. In many cases, these will be inherited from other members of the tribe, and it is not uncommon to see the same design linking and identifying individuals who belong to the same tribe or community.

Clothing Choices To Showcase Your New Tattoo

So, how do you choose the right clothing to showcase your new tattoo? Some options include:

- Short-Sleeved T-Shirts

Short-sleeved t-shirts are a great option for showing off a tat on your arms – and have the added bonus of helping your ink to heal faster, as they leave the design uncovered for the air to get to. 

Opt for a plain black or white t-shirt to really let your ink shine in its own right, especially if you have a design with lots of colour.

- Backless Tops

If you have a new tattoo on your neck or back, why not choose a backless design, or a style such as a halter neck, to show this off in all its glory? 

- Off-The-Shoulder Top

Rocking a new tat on your shoulder or collar bone? Then an off-the-shoulder design could be a perfect accessory to show this off – you can choose a cold-shoulder style, a scooped boat neck, or a classic off-the-shoulder style to let your tattoo take centre stage.

- Shorts

If leg tattoos are more your thing, then shorts could be the way to go. These are ideal for showing off a style on your legs, acting as the perfect canvas to let the world appreciate your artwork.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting achievement, and it is only natural that you want to show it off in all its glory. By following our top tips, you can make sure you choose the perfect outfit to draw attention to your tat, so that you can really celebrate your stunning new artwork.