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How have electric cars increased in popularity

Electric cars are a common sight on the roads in 2020 and this has been a gradual process over the last 10 years and the world has changed significantly in this time.

New Volkswagen Tiguan now open for order with new look and equipment

New Volkswagen Tiguan now open for order with new look and equipment

The enhanced Volkswagen Tiguan has opened for order in the UK, with six engine and gearbox configurations available across four trim levels on the new-look, new technology, new-era SUV.

Your guide to the most commonly replaced car part - brake pads

Cars require a pretty constant stream of parts and pieces to remain roadworthy. Though of all car parts that need replacing regularly, none need changing more often than brake pads.

Ride in style and with comfort! 9 easy hacks for motorbike riders

Bike riding is fun and a dream come true to many speed lovers. When you ride a bike, you feel like you’re free from the grasp of the world, and with the cool breeze hitting your face, nothing can be better.

How to prevent forklift accidents?

Forklifts are the right-hand man of any warehouse. Popular for their groovy designs, forklifts made materials safer and easier to handle, and not to mention, far more effective than the usual manpower.

Reasons to use company vehicles to advertise your business

Business owners and marketing managers will be faced with so many options when it comes to finding the best ways to market their firm today.

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