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Why do some prefer motorcycles over cars?

22nd March 2022 Print

There will come a time in most people‘s lives when they will need to decide upon which form of transport to use to get to where they need to go. Of course, public transport is always a valid option, but this is not the best way to reliably get to places on time, all the time. While most modern public transport systems are good, those who rely on them only will always face the reality of delays and other interruptions that may stop people from getting to point A to point B. This is why most people prefer using private transport.

Most people would agree that the most popular form of private transport is cars. The world is practically full of them and this is why the industry has grown so much since the first affordable cars were made available to the public. The growth of the automotive industry mirrors other industries such as gambling, which is experiencing immeasurable growth. This is because of the presence of online gambling sites which are characterised by their widespread use of bonus codes. These always attract new customers and players can use this Pinnacle VIP code to enhance their gameplay. 

While cars are extremely useful to most people, those who are looking to get one should also consider alternative means of transport, such as motorcycles. Some people will be instantly opposed to the idea of travelling on a motorcycle given that road accidents on a motorcycle are much more dangerous to be involved in when compared to a car, which is essentially a massive steel box. However, this danger can be nullified with defensive riding and other good motorcycling practices. Many advantages are afforded to those who choose to ride a motorcycle instead of a car, and here are just a few of them.

Environmentally friendly

While motorcycles certainly help contribute to global warming as most feature combustion engines, there is no doubt that this is to a lesser degree than when compared to cars. This benefit will appeal to those who are environmentally conscious as motorcycles will always use less of the Earth’s resources to get people where they want to go. As the engines are smaller and motorcycles are generally light, the combustion process is far more efficient. This is why motorcycles are favoured in places like London, as they can effectively avoid ULEZ charges.

More affordable

It should come as no surprise that motorcycle ownership is more affordable than car ownership. Looking at the dimensions of most motorcycles, it is clear to see that the manufacturing process uses fewer materials compared to cars, making the cost of motorcycles far cheaper than most cars. Even the top-end motorcycles are pennies when compared to some supercars.

The thrill

Those who have been riding motorcycles for a long time will know that the experience is simply unbeatable by any other form of transport. The sense of freedom that is given to those who hit the open road with their motorcycle is hard to explain, but well known to motorcycle veterans.

While there are many more benefits of motorcycle ownership, the few listed here might help convince potential car buyers to consider an alternative way to travel.

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