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5 top tips to get the most out of visiting Egypt

5 top tips to get the most out of visiting Egypt

Egypt is a destination that has captured the imagination of travelers for centuries. The birthplace of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, intrepid visitors can explore pyramids, temples, tombs, and ruins of long-gone cities.

How to prepare for a three-month trip to Thailand

Thailand attracts many tourists of all ages due to its gorgeous beaches, culture, delicious food, and its relaxed approach to life. Thailand is a popular destination for vacations and backpacking adventures that provide the trip of a lifetime.

Traveling to Vienna soon? Here's what you should know

Traveling to Vienna soon? Here's what you should know

Europe is a continent packed with wonderful countries and cities and Vienna is certainly among them. The lovely capital of Austria always manages to leave people breathless with its outstanding architecture, atmosphere, culture, and attractions.

Is flying safe during Covid?

It’s the question on every sunseeker’s lips, and although many are still heading abroad for a final holiday of 2020, how safe is flying during the Covid-19 pandemic? Airlines say it is.

How do hotels stay busy all year round?

With the restrictions of work and school breaks, most holiday makers choose to get away in the summer period. However, with crowds of tourists and hiked prices, the more money-savvy among us will opt for an off-season getaway.

What are the reasons people in the US decide to buy their first gun?

Some people are reluctant to own a firearm. They may be concerned about the possibility of someone in their household using the weapon unsafely. They may be concerned about it being stolen and misused.

2021 NFL Draft: 5 players ready to make an impact in the NFL

Every year, football fans around the world look forward to the new crop of NFL players that enter the league through the draft. Fans of struggling franchises hope that their teams land a player that will change their fortunes, while winning organizations look to make moves to bolster their lineups.

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