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Tips for making travel more bearable

19th November 2021 Print

Air travel has become cheaper, quicker, and more convenient than it ever has been and it’s a trend that looks to only continue as it has become an essential part of life – as newer opportunities become more available too particularly with remote working options at those looking to explore the digital nomad lifestyle with guides and information available at amongst others – but air travel isn’t for everyone, and it can be unbearable particularly with long flights, but there are tips to make travelling more bearable, particularly for those who dislike it most.

Noise cancelling earphones are a must – With all of the advantages of modern air travel, one of the big drawbacks is with space – being crammed into cramped rows and rubbing shoulders with the neighbour in the next seat over is always a frustrating experience unless willing to fork out on a higher priced ticket. This is where noise-cancelling items are so important, it makes the experience much more restful when able to sit with no outside sound and for some actually leads to something more enjoyable as it becomes a relaxing experience rather than a stressful endeavour instead. 

Don’t forget to wear some layers too – As with any experience, having the right outfit is important and temperatures can change very quickly on a flight – from the initial heat flush that comes during boarding with all the shuffling around in a cramped space to the chilly air with the air conditioning in the middle of a flight, having layers that can be put on and taken off easily can make the flight much more comfortable and is a quick tip to make any journey instantly more enjoyable – comfort is king after all, so ensuring comfort throughout the flight will make even the worst longest journeys that much more bearable. 

Eat light and bring some water – A mistake made a time or two by many has been indulging a little too much prior to a flight, whether a long flight or a short flight, the same rings true where comfort is king and being stuck feeling full, not to mention trying to squeeze into an airplane bathroom and finding comfort there too. Get something light and fulfilling and grab a bottle or two of water – it’ll feel better than overeating and will make the whole journey feel much better. 

Small adjustments will lead to the biggest wins and there are plenty of changes that can be made to make flying more enjoyable, no matter the distance, it can sometimes feel a bit of a disappointing truth that for the most part travel will only get worse over time and not better – so learning  the best methods to ensure comfort will help plenty in the long run. 

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