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Are Millennials bringing back print?

In this digital age, there seems to be the belief that print media is either dead or dying. One potential culprit for this thought is that the younger generations are “addicted” to devices such as smartphones, and therefore have no interest in print media.

Bitcoin Casino: Your Guidebook to Betting with Bitcoins

Technology now influences every sphere of modern life. It has improved many ways of doing things and continues introducing innovative tools to make life easier. In the gambling industry, the major shift caused by technology is the introduction of online casinos.

The loss of the high street continues

As the shopping landscape continues its progress from physical to digital channels, the number of high street and retail stores continues to lessen.

Five apps that will simplify your life

Technology has gone from automobiles to computers to now having everything you need in the palm of your hand. Instead of having to travel to the store, bank, or another agency when you need to order something or fill out paperwork, much of it can be done right from your computer or mobile phone now.