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How do insurance companies use GIS data?

Nothing in life can be fully predicted, and loss and unfortunate events can happen anytime and anywhere. There is no perfect way to accurately predict them. In such a case, the maximum we can do is take precautions.

Dutch online gambling market set to become Europe's 'biggest'

The Netherlands had previously forbidden online gambling, but the adoption and eventual enactment of the long-awaited Remote Gambling Act allowed the industry to flourish.

Traditional PR & Digital PR: A complete guide

While the actual conditions may differ only slightly, there are significant differences between traditional PR and digital PR. If you're wondering why traditional PR is still relevant in today's digital world where businesses are increasingly internet-based, this article will help you understand where the distinctions lie.

What comes next for mobile?

What comes next for mobile?

Release season for the newest devices from mobile manufacturers is just around the corner as many will look to eye up Christmas or early 2022, and that means the rumour mill is churning out what can be expected from the newest options to hit the market.