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Print marketing shouldn’t be ignored by start-ups

Although a lot of the business world may feel it to be true, print is far from dead! A lot of companies are indeed adopting more digitally focused marketing strategies, but traditional forms of print marketing still offer various benefits that firms may miss out on if they get too caught up with all things digital.

Majority of Brits are mobile gamers

Despite 64% not identifying as gamers, Brits are playing mobile games on average three times a week, according to new study.

Start-up business hacks

Starting your very own business is very appealing in the UK, with seven out of 10 of us pondering the idea, according to surveys. Back in 2017 there were over 5.7 million businesses within the private sector.

How have innovative designs affected traditional products?

The influence of technology and innovative design are constantly influencing the way that brands are releasing products; whether that be updated versions of products or creating a completely new line.