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North East-based TSG one of 11 worldwide businesses on prestigious Microsoft programme

North East-based TSG one of 11 worldwide businesses on prestigious Microsoft programme

North East-headquartered innovative technology solutions company TSG Ltd has been announced as one of 11 worldwide businesses to become a charter member of Microsoft’s limited SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program, the only UK-based partner involved.

How free care home software is disrupting the UK care sector

Caring for people is a challenging, time-consuming and expensive thing to do. For carers, they have difficulty trying to help the person they’re looking after, whilst staying organised and making time for their own family too.

How specialized social networking sites are transforming the internet

Massive social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great for connecting people to discuss ideas, concepts, and communities, but a lot gets drowned out in the general noise of things.

Everything you need to know about the Insight Technology Conference

In the world of business, no one doubts that technology is the way forward and the only way to advance in your industry is to stay current on such things as machine learning, data analytics, automation and how chatbots can improve the customer experience.

TSG takes home EMEA Partner of the Year award during DattoCon 2018

TSG takes home EMEA Partner of the Year award during DattoCon 2018

IT support specialist, TSG has announced that the company took home the EMEA Partner of the Year award at the sixth annual DattoCon, Datto’s annual partner conference.

How to achieve a ROI on marketing spend

The automotive industry has a notorious budget to play with when it comes to budgeting for their marketing campaigns. With increased interest in online platforms, digital visibility doesn’t come cheap — but is it worth the cost?

Record numbers buy holidays from mobile devices

The tipping point of mobile use over desktop to browse the internet happened back in 2015, thanks to the evolution of smartphones and their promise of an improved user experience.

How to ensure your healthcare business is GDPR compliant

By now, all of us have heard of GDPR, but there is still some confusion as to what these new regulations actually mean. Here are the most effective ways you can ensure GDPR compliance in your business.

8 Project Management Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Managing complete projects and tasks is never easy. In order to succeed, project managers have to be able to understand team engagement, project challenges and goals, communication, and the common issues that might test your ability to be flexible and roll with the punches.

How to Keep up with Digital Marketing Trends

The world of digital marketing is fast growing, and ever-changing. No matter how knowledgeable you think you are on the subject, there is definitely always more room for learning more to make sure you are keeping up with your competitors.

How can VPN make internet browsing safer

With the increasing incidences of personal data breaches online, safety is becoming a growing concern for many web users who are getting more worried about their online activities ever being monitored by third parties and personal data getting stolen.

Using technology to expand your business’ workforce

The digital revolution has undoubtedly made a huge impact on the way we work here in the UK — with advancements in technology continuing to develop since digitalisation started in 1947.

How to improve the efficiency of your software development team

In today’s high-tech world, businesses rely heavily on software in order to conduct their daily deals, production, communication, organization, workflow, management, and more.

Why you should get a selfie frame for your next party

Do you have a big party coming up and need to entertain your guests? If you’re after something fun and cheap that your party-goers will have a laugh with all night long, why not get in on the selfie frame trend?

11 simple techniques to keep your customers coming back

Gaining new customers for your business is always great, but it’s being able to keep them coming back for more that any smart business owner or manager will aim for.