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5 reasons why basic technology helps lawyers win cases

Everyone is always curious about how futuristic tech will change the legal industry. I bet you'll want to know how artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, and the blockchain will help lawyers win more cases.

7 of the best platforms for freelancers

Becoming a freelancer can be extremely difficult. Essentially, you are your own manager and are in charge of every decision that you make with regard to your career. You decide how much work you take on and who you ultimately work for.

VPNs: Why you need them and the benefits they offer

You may have heard the term VPN before, but you might not know what it stands for or what it does. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that creates a secure connection between your device and the internet.

Some tips on creating and selling NFT art

NFTs have engendered a multi-billion-dollar market, and what makes it exciting is that almost anyone can create and participate in selling NFT art.

B2B Content Marketing: 5 Important Elements

B2B Content Marketing: 5 Important Elements

B2B content marketing may be difficult to execute, but it is essential. A solid B2B marketing strategy is meant to bring you close to your ideal market.

3 uses of online video transcription software

3 uses of online video transcription software

The future of marketing is video, and there is a reason. According to marketing experts, audiences retain 95% of the information they consume through video compared to 10 percent information retention for text-based content.

Should my business get a toll-free number?

Should my business get a toll-free number?

When your business gets a toll-free number, it means the person calling can contact you by telephone free of charge. Your business is billed for the incoming call.

5 tips to create a winning small business digital marketing strategy

The digital marketing industry is expected to increase in value by more than US$430 billion between 2020 and 2026, showing the growing importance of these services for businesses in the modern era.

What is security assessment and why your business needs it

A security risk assessment is one of the most fundamental ways to help identify and assess security controls in applications in order to implement necessary changes. Essentially, this is a way to focus on preventing security defects within a business.

How Google My Business (GMB) can help realtors generate more leads

When you do a Google search for nearby places to eat, you’ll get a list of local restaurants—but only those that have registered with Google My Business (GMB).

Targeted TV Advertising: An emerging TV trend

Nowadays, most marketers will focus their energy on their online image. That means they will concentrate on building their website, their SEO position and any business social media platforms.

Will robots ever be able to replace humans in customer service?

Artificial intelligence and robots are beginning to permeate almost every industry, and they will replace humans in a variety of roles in the future.

Is streaming better than content creation?

Is streaming better than content creation?

Today, people regularly enjoy doing what they love best more often, as there has been no better time other than the present to get paid for doing what people love. This is true for all sorts of hobbies – even gambling.

How to utilise same-day courier for your small business

There will be times when your business will need to get goods or documents to another location as soon as possible. This will be outside of your usual logistics or transportation routes that you use every day. You need to find a reliable service that will ensure whatever you’re sending gets there safe and secure.

How to choose the best online video editor

Everyone has their own reasons for making online videos, be it for entertainment purposes or to share information about a certain topic. Perhaps you're interested in creating your own movie masterpiece.