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Adopting new technologies: three ways to protect your data and prevent downtime

Advances in technology open up the potential for businesses across all industries to become digitally transformed, through streamlining operations. Increased productivity and improvement in bottom lines are the ultimate goals for any business.

How does online encryption technology work?

Many news stories have highlighted the fact that cases of personal data theft are on the rise. As a growing number of individuals turn towards the Internet to obtain vital information such as email addresses and bank account statements, it is now more important than ever before to appreciate the benefits associated with encryption.

How retailers have been using personalisation to improve customer retention

High street retailers are facing fierce competition in 2019 as consumers abandon the in-store experience for online alternatives.

Why your company should prepare for 5G

Why your company should prepare for 5G

5G is one of the most exciting advancements of recent technological history, but it remains to be seen when it will become widespread. Currently the first 5G phones are just about to hit the market but it will take a while for the fifth generation mobile network to make it to the average person.

The habits of tech companies

The world we live in started to be revolutionised by tech companies in a couple of decades. Not just because they started in a garage, but because they found different ways to do business.

4 trends in the telecom industry

In the modern world, data is everywhere – and we’re sending it to one another in unprecedented quantities. This trend is being driven largely by technological improvements: sites like RS Components have increased the availability and the wide spread use of these highly technical components.

How multi-channel retail can make your life easier

Nowadays business is all about being seen in the right places, especially online. Having your own website is good and well but often times it might not be enough to attract enough customers to make a purely online venture feasible.

Ways to make money you had probably never thought of

Ways to make money you had probably never thought of

We are always on the hunt for some new way we can make a little cash on the side. Whether we are saving money for a holiday or wedding or we just want something extra to spend on the weekends, there are many ways we can make a little extra. Here are some of the ways you have probably never thought about.

Can a new eCommerce platform increase profit margins?

Can a new eCommerce platform increase profit margins?

If you're new to the eCommerce scene, you can reduce operational expenses and increase your profit margin by taking advantage of strategies like automation.

How businesses can increase custom

Increasing your business’s footfall is crucial to having a successful turnover. Because of this, companies are trying to think outside of the box to create a unique idea to bring people into their business.

Could Google be the answer to our dwindling high streets?

Time does not seem to be the best healer when it comes to the plight of UK high streets, with major retail losses making headlines in many national newspapers.

Promising trend continues in technology sector

Technology is responsible for changing the world. It has an impact in various industries and sectors, ultimately affecting how things are made and how things are done, which in turn benefits the consumer.

Start-up business hacks

Starting your very own business is very appealing in the UK, with seven out of 10 of us pondering the idea, according to surveys. Back in 2017 there were over 5.7 million businesses within the private sector.

Travel companies place emphasis on improving websites in order to improve sales and bookings

The travel industry is enjoying a period of growth, with international tourism and spending on the rise for the past eight years now. In fact, the tourism industry is now one of the largest most robust industries in the world.

How can you use visual merchandising to boost sales?

As you might have noticed, some high street stores are struggling. But with the right approach, retail chains can weather the storm. One such approach that can help boost sales and bring in customers is all about visual merchandising.