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How to select the best type of sales enablement software

As a successful sales leader, you want to make your sales team more efficient and equip them with the right sales content to seal more deals.

Innovative ways you can close a deal for your business

Innovative ways you can close a deal for your business

A business is usually developed with the intent to make as many sales as possible. Fundamentally, the more sales a company reaches, the more successful it will be.

The pandemic has changed the way we shop at the grocery store

When a working vaccine is finally developed for Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) and the pandemic is less of a threat, we may well look back on this period as one of the most significant, life-changing periods of our lives.

Should your business create an employee handbook?

Admittedly, the phrase, 'employee handbook' tends to instantly conjure up a more Pathe News-esque world or that other type of 'book'. The war-era ration one.

How to develop powerful feedback loops within your organization

When you run a business, it’s easy to become disillusioned. You become blinded by biases and other mental heuristics, while unknowingly blocking out information that could be valuable in your approach to managing and leading your team.

A matter of timing: Why businesses must reply to customer queries quickly

A matter of timing: Why businesses must reply to customer queries quickly

One simple, and perhaps startling, reason why: businesses could risk losing sales or even, in many instances, long-term custom. That’s because making prompt replies to customer queries isn’t just good customer service; it’s also often key to fostering strong customer loyalty.

5 key stats that prove the significance of customer care

Consumer insight and reviews giant Feefo has recently undertaken a survey of 2,000 UK shoppers to shed light on consumer behaviours, thought processes and opinions on the customer experience when making purchases online.

Here is why newsletter printing is a smart marketing strategy for your company

When it comes to marketing your company or business, you need a smart strategy to reach your target market. There are different marketing strategies out there, but few are capable of driving desirable results.

Why brands are turning to digital marketing to survive COVID-19

To say that 2020 has been a year of change may be an understatement. With lockdown round 2 now in full swing, those changes will only continue. Businesses are fighting for survival: fighting to be seen and heard.

7 tips to becoming a successful Amazon seller

Are you an online seller looking to be successful on Amazon? If so, there’s no time like the present to get started. While setting up a seller account on the e-commerce leader’s platform is simple enough, the challenge is making sure you stand out from the millions of other sellers listed alongside you.

What successful businesses do to retain top talents

What successful businesses do to retain top talents

There is so much effort and energy put into the process of hiring people, which makes losing even one employee really terrible. Not to mention that the cost of turnover is high, 2.5 higher than the employee’s salary to be exact, and productivity would take a hit, causing it to be slower and inefficient.

Five finance options online catalogues provide

Five finance options online catalogues provide

Also termed as a shopping account or mail order account, catalogue credit is slowly gaining traction amongst UK customers due to the wide range of benefits it offers.

Failproof Ways to Impress Your Customers

Failproof Ways to Impress Your Customers

Every business needs to keep its customers happy. But too many companies make the mistake of not going above and beyond the basics for achieving customer satisfaction.

Underrated Business Tools for MSP’s

Any managed service provider (MSP) that wants to stay successful knows that customer satisfaction is everything. To keep your business growing and to stay relevant, you need to provide great customer service.

5 Tips For Designing Your Brand Logo

We all can recognize big brands without even seeing the brand name, have you ever wondered why is that possible?