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How to utilise same-day courier for your small business

1st March 2022 Print

There will be times when your business will need to get goods or documents to another location as soon as possible. This will be outside of your usual logistics or transportation routes that you use every day. You need to find a reliable service that will ensure whatever you’re sending gets there safe and secure. 

Let’s look, then, at how to make use of a same-day courier for your own small business. 

Why would you need to use a courier service?

As a small business, you need to make sure that you not only grow your company, but also build a brand that is trusted and reliable. 

Part of this includes ensuring your clients or customers obtain the items they need from you in a timely manner. It also means giving good customer service all of the time, not just when things go wrong. 

Although you may have a fleet of vehicles to undertake your deliveries, or enlist the help of a logistics company, there will be times when goods or documents need to reach a particular location especially quickly.  

This is where using a courier such as Xpress Messenger can give you an advantage over your competitors. 

Companies like these can ensure that your product or document gets to your customer in the time they need it. It can also be used to get items from your suppliers quickly to fulfil an order. 

How can Xpress Messenger deliver a same-day courier service?

One of the areas where Xpress Messenger excels is in its urgent and time-critical deliveries. We have achieved this by offering a 40-minute response time to customer requests, which is something other couriers sometimes struggle to do. 

Xpress Messenger can also deliver anywhere in the UK and Europe, which is ideal for those small businesses that are looking to expand their reach. 

Key features of same-day courier services

Here at Xpress Messenger, we have many key features that other customers appreciate and that gives the best possible service. 

- We have GIT insurance policies that can cover the cost of your goods while they are in transit. This gives you peace of mind and valuable cover in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. 

- We can also offer an automated proof of delivery confirmation, so you know exactly when your parcel is delivered. This gives not only proof of delivery, but also security. 

- Parcels come in all shapes and sizes, and that means you need a courier service that can deal with whatever you need shipping. Xpress Messenger has a fleet of vehicles that include motorbikes, Luton vans, small vans, and even articulated lorries. 

- This variety of vehicles ensures that no matter what you need to send, our couriers can deal with it, in the same way, every time. 

When you add all of this to our ability to be contacted even out of normal working hours, then you can be sure that we are a company you can rely upon to get your parcels there on time. 


Same-day couriers are a fast and reliable way to get products to your customers when they need them. These key factors will help build a solid and reliable brand for your company – and here at Xpress Messenger, we can play our own part in making that a reality for your own business.