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What printed mailing bags are best for your business?

15th December 2021 Print

Sending out customer orders is a big part of the customer experience, building up excitement as the parcel arrives and being carefully unwrapped to reveal the goods within. With the printed mailing bags being a significant contributor towards first impressions, ensure you make a statement by paying attention to smaller details and picking out the best type of mailing bags for your business. From the aesthetics of the packaging to the level of protection it offers the contents, we’re here to guide you through the different kinds of printed mailing bags so you can pick out the best solution for the nature of your business, delivering customer orders in the most effective way.

Environmentally friendly printed mailing bags

Make a difference by making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives, showing your commitment to sustainability and reducing your environmental footprint. Many mailing bags nowadays are created using recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials which are much more ethical to dispose of once customers have received their order. With the single use nature of mailing bags meaning that waste is high, switching to eco-friendly materials can make a big difference. 

Premium printed mailing bags

Depending on the nature of your product range, upgrading to a more premium design may be a worthwhile investment. Being designed using a thicker material which can withstand heavier weights, the risk of damage during transit is reduced. By being able to hold weightier contents, the products will be kept better protected and more likely to arrive to your customer in the right condition to avoid unhappy recipients. As well as the practical side, your customer receiving a high quality mailing bag will reflect on the quality of the goods within, painting your brand in a positive light.

Tamper proof printed mailing bags

When it comes to highly sensitive contents such as medication, valuables and personal documents, taking extra precautions to ensure the package does not fall into the wrong hands is essential to minimise serious issues. Being more protected from weather conditions, tears, punctures and punctures, tamper proof mailing bags also have a double seal closure which is an indicator of whether someone has tried to gain access to the parcel before it has arrived. This option is a recommended approach for businesses who send confidential information, not only putting off any unauthorised access, but providing peace of mind for recipients who may be ordering sensitive goods.

Padded printed mailing bags

To offer extra protection without needing to go through the process of making up cardboard boxes and filling them with bubble wrap or air bags, padded mailing bags take standard designs that one step further. The inside of the mailing bag is lined with bubble wrap to minimise the chance of anything getting damaged during the transit process. This solution is popular for businesses who send out small items, avoiding the need for sending full parcels but adding extra protection in comparison to thin mailing bags. This option is also very light, making it cheap for businesses to send out.