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257 NFT artists have generated over $1M in sales over the last 30 days

257 artists made at least $1 million selling NFT artworks in the last 30 days. That's according to data presented by

The art of creating the perfect FAQ for customers (with examples)

The art of creating the perfect FAQ for customers (with examples)

No matter what your product or service offering is, your success with your customers depends on your ability to answer their questions. A full 80% of all customers consult the FAQ on a business website before they purchase a product, in order to allay any concerns they might have or to make sure they know what they are signing up for.

Traditional PR & Digital PR: A complete guide

While the actual conditions may differ only slightly, there are significant differences between traditional PR and digital PR. If you're wondering why traditional PR is still relevant in today's digital world where businesses are increasingly internet-based, this article will help you understand where the distinctions lie.

The intrinsic link between immigration and technology

The intrinsic link between immigration and technology

Did you know that there’s quite an intrinsic link between immigration and technology, but how? We explore this question in this article…

Why your business needs to produce more video content

Producing video marketing content is easier and more affordable than ever before. There’s also reason to believe it’s more important than ever. For example, research has shown that when a person reads a piece of content, they may only retain approximately 10% of the information offered in said content.

Mistakes to avoid as a travel vlogger

Have you always dreamed of travelling the world and getting paid for it? Now you can do it through travel vlogging. But not everything sounds as fantastic as it sounds. Anyone can get to the point where their main concern is creating travel videos, but this requires tremendous effort and consistency.

Factors to look out for when making animation video making decisions

Often times, a lot of people encounter an impasse in decision making processes especially when there seems to be plenty of fish in the river. With a variety of video production companies offering various services, it could be quite tasking to decipher and in fact, pick out the best from the multitude.

Improve the online visibility of your business with these simple tips

You have a great product, you provide a wide range of well-managed services, you have teams of dedicated employees – but if no one knows you exist, how can you expect your company to grow? Improving the online visibility of your business is essential.

5 tips for creating effective promotional materials for your brand

Want to generate more effective promotional materials for your brand? Well, you can’t continue to do the same old things you’ve always done. It’s time for a fresh approach. And this will require you to reimagine everything from planning to execution.

How to streamline your collaboration processes

Collaboration across teams and individuals can create some really fantastic results, however, if the process is clunky and difficult, the work suffers and often, so does morale.

The complete and comprehensive guide about the concept of online proctoring

In the current global scenario where everything is being hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the online proctoring is the only thing which is very much successful in the whole world and provides the organisations as well as candidates with multiple advantages throughout the process.

The best word-of-mouth marketing strategies to use in 2021

Word-of-mouth marketing is such an important marketing tool, as this kind of recommendation usually comes from friends, family or colleagues. Because of this, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most trustworthy sources of marketing for any business.

The best time to post on Instagram in 2020

Instagram’s popularity is growing. This social networking platform is used by over 3.5 billion people. This platform has experienced tremendous growth over recent years.

TikTok: Unpacking the success behind clever packaging

TikTok: Unpacking the success behind clever packaging

TikTok’s rise as the fastest-growing social media platform is showing no signs of slowing down as the short-form video platform continues to surpass Instagram and Facebook for downloads on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The Ultimate Guide to Experiential Marketing: How to Immerse and Engage Your Customers

If you haven't heard of experiential marketing, you've probably seen a campaign's results before. Experiential marketing is marketing a company or product through an experience between the brand and the customer.