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Targeted TV Advertising: An emerging TV trend

1st March 2022 Print

Nowadays, most marketers will focus their energy on their online image. That means they will concentrate on building their website, their SEO position and any business social media platforms. However, another important area to focus on is TV. TV is seen as a trusted medium. It’s built up a reputation for showing off advertisements that are as good as they say they are. That’s why you may want to get started on targeted TV advertising to establish your brand. 

What is targeted TV advertising?

Broadcasters and advertisers use targeted TV advertising to help find brands the best customer for them. Advertisers are paired with watchers based on what they search for and buy online. What one household are shown could be entirely different to what their neighbours could be seeing. This could also depend on the type of programmes you are streaming to your television. For instance, if you are interested in a social media TV series, you may get more advertisements about influencer makeup.   

To put it simply, TV advertisers use targeting to match up brands with the right clients. They may even use an AVOD advertising agency to help get started with the right channels, streaming platforms and TV stations. 

The pandemic: How it has shaped television

One of the reasons why targeted TV advertising has emerged is due to the pandemic. Most of us have been in our homes trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from Covid-19. This has meant that we have not been able to get out and try new things. The television has been a sanctuary for the majority as it has distracted us from the pandemic. With most of us now at our TV screens, or perhaps using streaming services that can be linked to the television, there is a greater opportunity to tailor adverts towards people. They are providing their data to streaming platforms. Therefore, it’s useful to consider how advertisements can be used to bring customers what they want. 

Advertisers can not only have commercials play before or after the video, but they can be placed at the side of the screen as a banner or onscreen ad. Targeted advertisements can be extremely flexible. That way they don’t have to be in the face of the client. They can be very subtle and make sure not to interrupt the programme. That way they can stay in the memory of the client, but not make them feel like someone is trying to force them to buy a product.

Targeting TV advertising: Cable & the web

When it comes to the world of advertisements, its important not to lock yourself into one medium. Targeted TV advertising is there to help you find the right clients. It is a great way to get started with your brand and to build up your customer base. Just don’t forget to look at other streaming services as well, such as video-on-demand and bigger platforms, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can also look into advertisements linked to videos on Facebook and YouTube.