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5 reasons why basic technology helps lawyers win cases

27th May 2022 Print

Everyone is always curious about how futuristic tech will change the legal industry. I bet you'll want to know how artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, and the blockchain will help lawyers win more cases.

I don't think people give basic technology enough credit. It's made a massive difference over the last few decades, which is great for innocent defendants. Here are a few examples that law firms use every single day.

1. Social Media Platforms

According to Steven Polak, Oshawa personal injury lawyer, it's unwise to post photos on social media after an accident. If you look healthy in photos, insurance companies will argue you don't have any serious injuries.

Lawyers will use social media platforms to help you win a case. It could prove you were in a different city when someone was murdered. If you're the main suspect in the case, it could potentially save you from a death sentence.

2. Easy Access To The News

It wasn't easy for lawyers to access old newspapers in the past. An auto accident lawyer needs to do a quick Google search to find extra info about a car crash today, which saves them a tremendous amount of time.

If you have access to a newspaper on your phone, you'll be able to keep up-to-date with the political climate, which can tell you how to argue a case. It's a great tactic when everyone in the country is talking about one event.

3. Work From Anywhere 24/7

Lawyers still sleep when working on a massive case, but they might work at strange times of the day/night. If you don't have access to all your files, it's not easy to do certain things until you're back in the office.

Cloud computing allows lawyers to access all their files from anywhere, and they'll automatically be updated when altered. Modern encryption technology also makes it almost impossible for someone to hack into files.

4. Writing Notes On Mobiles

It's possible to work on buses and trains if you have a smartphone. You won't even need to sit down if all the seats are gone. Even though you can do something similar with a pen and paper, it's got many extra benefits.

If you don't want to type notes on your phone, you'll be able to use a dictation app. It's easy to store all your notes inside folders using apps like Notability. I'm sure your phone will always be glued to your hand.

5. Signing Docs Electronically

Lawyers have to deal with documents that must be signed all the time. It takes ages to post documents to someone who lives miles away, but you don't have much choice; you can't drive to their home and knock on their door.

It was also time-consuming to wait for documents to arrive from abroad. Now it takes a few minutes to get an electronic signature. I know the technology doesn't seem revolutionary, but it means a great deal to lawyers.

It's Still Saved Lives

The tech we've talked about today isn't as fancy as machine learning and artificial intelligence, but it's still saved millions of people from prison over the years.