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3 uses of online video transcription software

22nd April 2022 Print

The future of marketing is video, and there is a reason. According to marketing experts, audiences retain 95% of the information they consume through video compared to 10 percent information retention for text-based content. 

However, how you post your video can also affect its effectiveness, with captioning being a game-changer in video marketing campaigns. 

So if you are looking to reap maximum benefits from your video marketing campaigns, you may want to consider transcription and captioning. This post focuses on online video transcription tools and how they can benefit your organization.

Options for Getting a Video Transcript

There are two options for getting transcripts for your videos. The first option is getting a human transcriptionist. The main advantage of using human transcribers is getting a cleaner transcript. The downside to this option is that it can take much longer to get your transcripts and may require a large budget

The other alternative is using transcription software. Transcription software utilizes AI and is much faster than human transcribers. In a few clicks, you get your audio transcript, but the time may depend on the length of your video clip. The most significant disadvantage of video transcription software is that the result could have a few errors. 

When looking to get clean transcripts in the shortest time possible, the best idea is to use a combination of the two. If you are new to video transcription, you may want to get insight on how to get a video transcript from experts. 

Uses of Video Transcription Software

As the name suggests, the primary use of video transcription software is to transcribe videos. But if you are looking for online video transcription software, you may get more than one benefit. 

Below are three uses of online transcription software. 

1 Improve Collaboration

When using traditional transcription services, for example, when working with freelance transcriptionists, they will send in a text document once they are done transcribing.

If you need to collaborate or issue instructions, you will have to engage them through a back and forth exchange of emails. Alternatively, you may need to use other software to allow collaboration, all of which can be quite a hassle.

Most online video transcription software utilizes AI and human inputs, so you may need to collaborate with teams on the other end. Collaboration is much more straightforward because the videos and transcripts are stored in the cloud.

As a result, it becomes easier to access and collaborate since you will only need to add comments on the online transcripts, and they will reflect in real-time to persons on the other end.

2 It Makes Sharing Much Easier

If you are a large organization, videos and their transcripts may need counterchecking by different individuals in the organization, meaning you will need to share. If you go for traditional transcription methods, you need to share a video alongside the transcript. 

When using online video transcription software, all you need is a link to the project, which, when shared, directs persons with the link to the online transcription software cloud where they can watch the video alongside interactive transcripts.

3 Enabling Captioning

Transcription and captioning are often used interchangeably but are pretty different. While transcription involves converting audio to text, captioning involves splitting the transcript into chunks and time coding each chunk to sync with video audio. 

Depending on the software of choice, it is possible to caption your videos using an online transcription software solution.

According to communication experts, captioned videos attract more engagement than videos without one, so you may want to introduce captions in your marketing video. Also, captioning increases the time an audience stays on the video. Captioning can also be a legal requirement depending on where you intend to place your videos. 

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