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Easy ways to save money when working from home

11th August 2021 Print

More of us are working from home than ever before, which means we’re saving money on the daily commute, lunches and expensive work attire. However, as more of us are discovering, working from home doesn’t eliminate all the associated expenses that come with our 9-5.

Even as homeworkers, it’s important that we’re conscious of how much we’re spending and actively saving as much as we can to enjoy the financial benefits of working from home. Of course, your employer may be able to help you with some of the costs, but in the meantime, we’ve gathered some of the easiest ways you can save money on your WFH setup. Read on to find out more.

Office Supplies

WFH means having things like memo pads, pens, sticky notes, staplers, files and folders, diaries and planners and of course, printer cartridges at your fingertips. Again, your employer may be able to supply some of these for you, but as it’s useful to have as many of these available whilst you’re working, there’s nothing wrong with shopping online for the best prices to keep your stock topped up. Remember, there’s nothing worse than needing to print off an important document, only to run out of ink!

Be Wary of Your Heating Bill

In the colder months, when you’ll be spending time at your desk, you’ll likely start to feel the cold. But, before you reach for the thermostat, you need to keep your budget and your savings in mind. If you want to save money on the day-to-day, you could wear extra layers, remove draughts from your room and only heat the rooms you’re using. In the long term, you could consider switching energy suppliers to keep your monthly payments as low as possible.

Keep Your Freezer Full

When you’re working from home, the temptation to head down to the kitchen and search for a snack multiple times a day is all too real. Unfortunately, this drastic change in your eating habits can play havoc with your food bill each month. To keep expenses down, get into the habit of batch cooking some hearty, flavourful meals that you can quickly heat up during your limited lunch break. When your meals are nourishing and you feel satisfied, you’ll be less inclined to snack.

If you do want to munch at your desk, try dry foods that won’t perish as quickly and ones that you can buy in bulk, such as nuts, crackers, and cereal bars.

Save Money on Your Subscriptions

Now you’re spending more time at home, it makes sense to evaluate your current expenses and see where you can save money. Cutting back on subscriptions to magazines, streaming services, even monthly subscription boxes or meals are all areas where you could potentially save money. Instead of paying for a gym membership every month, you could take advantage of free online workouts, or head outdoors and get fit in your own backyard.

Final Thoughts…

Saving money whilst working from home is always a work in progress, as time goes by it’s important that you revisit your expenses and see where you can make more savings.