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Join Save App Review - What You Need To Know

Join Save App Review - What You Need To Know

Save has become one of the most popular savings apps on the market, with impressive variable returns of 9.07%.

Four healthy financial habits you should learn while you’re young

Financial worries are the bane of many older people’s lives. From mortgage payments, retirement funds and healthcare costs, there are so many obligations making it difficult for older people to take control of their money.

The importance of financial planning from an early age

Think of financial planning as a cushion for the future – it gives you something to fall back on and opens up a wide array of opportunities. The sooner you start saving money, the more you’ll get back for your efforts.

Tips to help grow savings

Tips to help grow savings

After a difficult couple of years with a global health crisis, money is starting to look just that little bit tighter for a growing number of people, and as the cost of living increases with price hikes to energy and groceries, finding ways to expand savings or get just that little bit extra may have a bigger impact too.

4 tips of post-pandemic saving routine

4 tips of post-pandemic saving routine

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on people’s financial status. While millions of people lost their jobs or received diminished wages due to reduced hours, others continued to earn regular paychecks because they could work remotely, ending up with a boon to their wallets.

Top 3 financial savings tips

Are you struggling to save money? Do you find yourself getting to the end of the financial month without any left-over cash? Fear not, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you have some savings before your next payday. Read on to see our top three financial saving tips, so you can manage your cash when you need it most.

5 tips for building wealth in your 40s

The sooner you start making smart decisions with your money, the easier it becomes to build wealth. And though it’s ideal to start saving and investing in your 20s and 30s, don’t assume it’s too late if you’re past the age of 40.

Easy ways to save money when working from home

More of us are working from home than ever before, which means we’re saving money on the daily commute, lunches and expensive work attire. However, as more of us are discovering, working from home doesn’t eliminate all the associated expenses that come with our 9-5.

Easy ways to reduce your monthly spending and save money

If you are like every other person in the world, you are quite tired of all of the monthly bills and expenses that keep coming due. Thankfully, there are many ways you can lower your bills, not just temporarily, but for the rest of your life. Here are just a few of the ways that you can make sure more of your money is staying in your pocket where it belongs.

Free up money by selling unwanted gold and silver

Free up money by selling unwanted gold and silver

When you own old or unwanted jewellery, silver coin collections, silver heirlooms like tea sets or cutlery, gold coins and bars, and other precious metals, you’re letting a valuable asset sit and collect dust. You could be sitting on hundreds or thousands of dollars that could be better put to use in any number of ways.

Find a balance between studying and working

The process of learning is long and complicated for many students. However, not only will you need to dive into the world of math and philosophy during your studies, but you will also have to discover how to manage your finances in the most effective way. How to save your money? What are the best ways to control your budget? Find out the list of the best financial literacy tips for students below.

Reasons to start saving today

The oldest bartering system on record involved the exchange of livestock for goods and services. However, swapping animals for the things we wanted to own was a little cumbersome (imagine shopping around for new shoes with four camels and two donkeys trailing you on a leash).

7 tips on how students can save money

Many young people suffer from the same problem – they want various things but cannot afford them due to the lack of money. How can you fix it?

Where to invest as a college student

The student’s time is quite challenging. However, it brings incredible abilities to get wealthy and earn your 1st million. Being a student, you’re not tied by a large number of responsibilities so that you can try, fail, and try again as many times as needed.

Exciting ways to boost your income

Wouldn’t it be great to be left with some extra cash at the end of the month? Of course, everyone wishes they were paid a little more, but you don’t need to rely on your salary alone to keep you afloat. In this article, we look at a few interesting ways to supplement your income.