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Household Bills

5 habits that will help you increase personal profits

Managing your personal finances seems relatively simple until you decide to grow your profits. Once you start pursuing strategies to increase your personal wealth, like investing, things can get complicated.

Cost of living crisis sees more than half of Brits turn to haggling

Rising costs are forcing Britons to step out of their comfort zone and haggle down the price of everyday goods and services, new research from money-saving website TopCashback reveals.

Tips on managing costs during the energy crisis

Finances are tough to get a handle on, and unexpected costs always pop up when you least expect them. Sometimes you may have to outsource finance or borrow from trusted lenders to help see you through.

Average households can expect a £100 a month spending deficit on income against expenditure by 2024

The average UK household will be short of a £100 a month by 2024, as the cost of living crisis means expenses will outpace incomes. The figures come from a Yorkshire Building Society’s Inflation Nation report and reveal that weekly household spending is set to rise to £705 in just two years’ time.

Top ways Brits are trying to keep a lid on soaring household energy prices

From going to bed earlier to taking quicker showers and using a slow cooker instead of an oven – GoCompare reveals the measures people are taking to try and save on their energy bills at home.

Ways to have fun on a budget

Ways to have fun on a budget

Whether you’re saving up for a new property or cutting back on spending in order to help with bills, living on a budget can be tough at times, particularly if you want to experience the array of fun and entertaining activities we all have available to us in the modern world.

5 easy ways to take control of your finances

The last year has been difficult for everyone, and the financial stress that has been placed on people due to the global pandemic cannot be ignored. It could be because of loss of income or extra expenditure that has arisen.

Factors that are affecting electricity rates

Factors that are affecting electricity rates

There are many different factors that affect the electricity rates in your area. The type of power plant supplying energy to your home or business, transmission lines, and even distribution lines all impact what you pay for electricity.

How to plan in advance for the cost of Christmas

It seems like summer was only yesterday, but the temperature is dropping and the nights are getting longer and now Christmas is approaching. This year, people will want to really make the most out of the holiday season and this is why now is a good time to start planning financially.

3 important signs your boiler needs checking

An undetected fault or problem within your boiler can be costly, frustrating, and dangerous. However, the signs that your boiler needs checking might not always be obvious.

How can businesses help to save water?

Water shortages are a major issue in Columbia and around the world. Droughts and fires are just two of the problems associated with a diminished water supply, and communities around the globe suffer from a lack of water.

A list of ways you can save up on water

A list of ways you can save up on water

About 71% of the world’s surface is covered by water. This sounds okay until you learn that 96% of the water is in oceans that are too salty to be used by humans.

7 steps to take after water damage to your house

7 steps to take after water damage to your house

Owning a house means there are several responsibilities that you need to shoulder to keep your home in good shape. You need to watch out for early deterioration or any damaged areas in your house.

Best finance tips for overcoming debt

Trying to manage debts can cause unnecessary anxiety, but the truth is that getting out of debt is achievable with the right tools and motivation. There is also plenty of help available, both online and in person, so you do not need to struggle alone.

Spending too much shopping online? 7 tips to save money

Spending too much shopping online? 7 tips to save money

Online shopping is the most convenient and quick way to receive a bunch of items you want at a fraction of the price; you just need to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.