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Millions of households struggled with poor broadband during lockdown

Increased internet usage over lockdown has led to more than one third (36%) of UK households – the equivalent often million homes – experiencing slower connectivity which prevents them from working effectively from home according to research by

Is this the end of home Wi-Fi wars?

Since March, Wi-Fi wars have become a fixture of family life - as we all spend more time under one roof.

Broadband boost for businesses

Businesses to benefit from grants of up to £3000 to get gigabit broadband installed as part of a £2 million trial taking place in four areas around the UK.

Consumers left in the dark over broadband contracts and speed requirements

Broadband providers are failing to keep customers up to date on the status of their contracts, according to new research from

Brits who don’t bin their broadband providers are losing £83 million each year

Problems with moving broadband supplier are costing affected UK households a staggering £83 million in potential savings on their bills.

Nearly half of consumers didn’t switch any of the 10 most popular financial and household utility products in 2014

Loyal consumers could be wasting billions of pounds by sticking with the same financial services and household utilities providers year after year.

Loyal broadband customers to pay £383 million over the odds in 2015

Despite almost three quarters (72%) of Brits having had home broadband for more than five years, 6.6million people (30%) have still never changed broadband providers.

TalkTalk acquires blinkbox and Tesco Broadband base

TalkTalk has acquired the blinkbox Movies business and the Tesco broadband and fixed line voice base from Tesco Plc. The assets have been acquired free of debt and as a single transaction for cash.

Household bills cost over £700,000 in a lifetime

The average UK household will spend a staggering £713,232 on bills and living expenses over a lifetime, according to analysis by

Gogglebox Brits spend £398 per year on TV packages, but only watch 25% of channels

More than six in ten (62%) households pay for TV, spending an average of £33 per month but, according to new research from price comparison and switching service, almost a third (30%) claim it isn’t good value for money.

Unreliable broadband is costing small firms

More than half of small businesses who use internet would lose money, business or not be able to trade at all if they did not have a reliable internet connection, finds Citizens Advice.

UK broadband speeds plummet at 9pm as surfing Brits strain services

Red-eye surfers enjoy considerably faster broadband speeds than those who follow the crowd and use the internet at peak times, according to new broadband speed test data from

Boost your bottom line with a free broadband grant

Many small businesses across the UK can now obtain a free grant to upgrade their business to a faster broadband connection as part of the wider government rollout of superfast broadband.

Superfast broadband reaches 1 million more homes and businesses

The government’s rollout of superfast broadband has reached more than 1 million homes and businesses across the UK.

Openreach must hit new targets from next week

New rules to bring about faster line repairs and installations for telephone and broadband customers will come into effect on 1 July, Ofcom has announced.