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Is this the end of home Wi-Fi wars?

12th October 2020 Print

Since March, Wi-Fi wars have become a fixture of family life - as we all spend more time under one roof.

And now that we’ve been told to work from home again, these battles over broadband are set to grow.

However, Love Energy Savings believes it has come up with a solution to this very 2020 problem with a pioneering approach of providing domestic customers who are working from home with better access to business-specific broadband connections.

It offers those working from home a fast and reliable service through a dedicated line - bringing an end to the misery of Zoom calls dropping out as soon as another family member fires up a streaming service.

CEO Phil Foster says: “The nation’s homes have become a broadband battleground.

“With so many of us now working from our kitchen tables and dining rooms, we’re all painfully familiar with the frustrating limits of many domestic Wi-Fi services. They just don’t provide the reliability we are used to in the workplace.

“At Love Energy Savings we’re committed to bringing an end to Wi-Fi wars - and giving domestic customers access to the best deals on business-specific broadband connections.

“In the process we’re saving more and more customers money when they switch with us.”

Love Energy Savings, based in Bolton, Gtr Manchester, compares products and services from all leading consumer and business broadband providers - in order to provide a bespoke solution to customers’ communication needs.

Phil adds: “The government has signalled we could be working from home for the next six months.

“Whether you’re an employee or you are one of the many people who run a small business from home - having the right broadband connection that you can rely on is now more important than it's ever been.

“By opting for a broadband service on a dedicated line - you’ll avoid the interruptions and drop-outs in service that can prove so frustrating - ending unnecessary conflict and allowing peace and tranquility to reign at home.”

The new service comes as Love Energy Savings has seen profits leap by over a quarter as increasing amounts of business and domestic customers trusted them to bring their bills down during lockdown.

It has helped 250,000 SMEs save a total of £96million on their energy bills.