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What are the best ways to reduce your tax bill?

Minimising tax obligations stands as a key priority for many individuals and businesses alike.

Here’s why you shouldn’t throw your pay stub away

Here’s why you shouldn’t throw your pay stub away

A pay stub, which is also known as a payslip, is an important document. It is essentially a record of how much you have been paid over a certain period. While you will probably not need your pay stubs in years to come, it is vital you hold on to them until you are sure they will no longer be required.

Title: 7 year-end CPA tips to save on your taxes

Year’s end is a good time for a CPA to help clients reduce their tax bills or enjoy a bigger refund check for next year. Below are some helpful tips CPAs can share with their clients to make their April 15 a less stressful experience.

What a taxpayer can expect from a Tax Audit

Taxpayers must complete state and federal tax return each year and report all income they earn through a job or profits accumulated through a business. A failure to complete tax returns is tax evasion.

Why technology is a game-changer in the tax world

Technology has brought sweeping transformation across all industries, from retail to insurance, sports (think VAR) to healthcare. In the tax world, it has made a massive difference to tax specialists, regulators and taxpayers.

Comparing Corporation Tax Across the Globe

Corporation tax is taxable annual profit from companies operating in that country, comparable to income tax that individual citizens pay.

Improve your personal finances with these Tax Credits

Most people don't enjoy doing their taxes, but if you do your homework, you might be able to find some great opportunities for savings. This can be a real boost to your personal finances.

Can I write my own will?

Can I write my own will?

In short, the answer is yes, you can. The real question is should you?

How your annual income tax bill adds up

In autumn last year, the government had announced changes to the UK tax system which occurred this year in April.

Growing businesses to benefit from expert tax support

A new service to directly help mid-sized businesses as they expand and grow, has been launched today by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

One in three wannabe Chancellors would increase Capital Gains Tax

An online quiz of more than 6,500 people by financial services firm, NFU Mutual, has shown Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to be the most popular tax to hike up.

Inheritance tax set to bite harder as number of UK millionaires rockets

Analysis of HM Revenue & Customs’ latest UK Personal Wealth Statistics by financial services company, NFU Mutual, shows a 27% rise in the number of millionaires between 2008-2010 and 2011-2013 to just over 409,000.

Tax Rebate: How much am I entitled to?

Have you ever looked at your wage slip and wondered how nice it would be if you didn’t have to fork out all of that tax? Maybe even just for one month?

Families could face Child Benefit tax bill in the thousands

NFU Mutual warns that many higher income families receiving Child Benefits may need to find the extra thousands of pounds needed to pay a lump sum bill from the tax man, if they failed to submit their online tax return before 30th December.

5 tips for a stress free tax period

Every year you can be guaranteed that there will be two stressful, but important events that will be at the front of your mind. One is Christmas and the other is completing your tax return on time.