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Can I write my own will?

Can I write my own will?

In short, the answer is yes, you can. The real question is should you?

Inheritance tax set to bite harder as number of UK millionaires rockets

Analysis of HM Revenue & Customs’ latest UK Personal Wealth Statistics by financial services company, NFU Mutual, shows a 27% rise in the number of millionaires between 2008-2010 and 2011-2013 to just over 409,000.

Aegon launches new Whole of Life protection policy

Aegon UK has launched a new Whole of Life protection policy designed to provide money to help cover an inheritance tax (IHT) bill payable on a customer’s estate when they die.

Millions more paid in inheritance tax

Rising house prices have helped push up the number of households paying inheritance tax and are creating new IHT hotspots around the country.

Leaving money to charity? Let the taxman help too

With examples such as the London Marathon, which has raised over £600m for various charities since it was first run in 1981, Britain is a country with a strong desire to help charitable causes.

What you need to know about inheritance tax

Inheritance tax has hit the news recently. With house prices rising, thousands may be stung with tax bills as more and more people enter the inheritance tax bracket for the first time.

Don’t be caught out by inheritance tax due to property price rise

Significant rises in the property market over recent years are pushing many people – perhaps unwittingly – into larger inheritance tax bills, according to Towry, the wealth adviser.

London and South East pays majority of UK inheritance tax

Estates liable for inheritance tax in the UK in 2010-2011 faced a bill of nearly £166,000 on average, according to new analysis of HMRC data by Prudential.

Don’t forget to spend after you’ve saved

After a lifetime of saving for their future and with rising long-term care costs, it is not surprising that many reach retirement and continue to focus on protecting their finances, instead of enjoying their money.

Rising house prices make Inheritance Tax planning a necessity

With over 20,000 families losing £3.1 billion in Inheritance Tax (IHT) in 2012/13, Chartered IFA - The Private Office – has written a free guide offering 10 steps to help mitigate or even eliminate your Inheritance Tax bill.

Brits still expect hefty £78k inheritance from parents

Brits still expect hefty £78k inheritance from parents

The majority of Brits ‘expect’ to receive inheritance from their parents – but in reality four in 10 won’t get a penny, according to new research.

Tax tribunal case could spell bad news for holiday home owners

A Bristol tax specialist has warned that a judgement of the Upper Tax Tribunal could spell bad news for holiday home owners in relation to their Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities.

Over half of UK adults don't have a will, the professional advice website, has announced the launch of its annual ‘Write a Will Week', beginning on Monday, 22 October, in partnership with Octopus Investments ("Octopus").

Life insurance and inheritance tax planning's annual Tax Action Report reveals UK taxpayers will waste £448 million this year due to poor inheritance tax (IHT) planning when it comes to their life insurance policies.

Charity donations reducing IHT bill

Julie Hutchison's (head of technical insight at Standard Life) response to the change in IHT by HMRC, which details that from 6 April if you leave ten per cent of your estate to charity the tax due may be paid at a reduced rate of 36 per cent instead of 40 per cent.