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Flexible income route can reduce inheritance tax bill for pensioners

People who are eligible for flexible income drawdown on their pension savings can use the scheme to significantly reduce their inheritance tax liabilities, according to investment specialist Skandia.

UK inheritance to peak in 2047

£1.1 trillion will be left to beneficiaries by 2047, the peak of leaving an inheritance, reveals a new report by HSBC.

One in five Brits have already received inheritance

Researchers discovered millions of young adults, dubbed NINNIs - or ‘Need It Now, Not as Inheritance' - have gone cap in hand to mum and dad for an advance on their legacy.

Brits turn to the net for estate planning

Britons are turning towards the internet for advice on estate planning, according to research by Standard Life.

Brits without a Will in the world

More than half (51%) of British adults don't have a Will drawn up, according to research by Standard Life.

ICAEW highlights tax benefits of wedding gifts

With Royal Wedding fever sweeping the nation, many individuals and businesses will be thinking about wedding gifts for the forthcoming wedding ‘season'.

Inheritance tax is Britain's second biggest tax waste area's annual Tax Action Report reveals that UK taxpayers will waste nearly £1.3 billion this year due to poor inheritance tax (IHT) planning. This tax wastage is only set to increase further in the future after the chancellor announced in 2010 that the threshold would remain frozen for four years at £325,000 rather than rising in line with inflation.

Value of windfalls blown away by inflation

New research from Schroders, the global asset manager, reveals that in the last two years over 14 million people have received a lump sum payment of at least £500 from bonuses, inheritance and cash gifts.

Charities lose out in wills, according to Standard Life

Prior to the recent Budget nearly three quarters (71%) of the UK population said they wouldn't leave money to charities in their Will, according to research by long-term savings and investment company Standard Life.

L&G tax-favoured qualifying regular investment plan

Legal & General has launched the ‘Portfolio Regular Investment Plan' (PRIP), a qualifying regular premium investment plan.

Give to your children not the taxman

Alliance Trust Savings, one of the country's leading SIPP providers, has shown that individuals can reduce their inheritance tax liability while at the same time provide for the financial future of their children or grandchildren.

Inheritance Tax: Planning and advice

According to the annual Tax Action report, UK taxpayers will waste nearly £2bn this year due to poor inheritance tax planning. Liability to IHT can often be avoided, or at least substantially reduced, with early IHT planning.

Brits waste £2 billion in inheritance tax

UK taxpayers will waste nearly £2 billion this year due to poor inheritance tax planning, according to the annual Tax Action report by, the professional advice website.

Royal London 360° launches new Discounted Gift Trust

Royal London 360° is adding a new trust to its range which reduces the value of an individual's estate for UK Inheritance Tax purposes (UK IHT).

Campaigners challenge unfair rules on inheritance tax

Campaigning tax advisers are calling on the Government to correct a tax quirk which is unfairly hitting elderly widows and widowers.