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How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting a Mortgage?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 65% of Americans currently own their home, highlighting that homeownership remains a significant milestone for many. This is only 50% in the UK.

Homeowners clueless about the interest on their mortgage

The vast majority of UK homeowners are in the dark about how much interest they are paying on their mortgage, new findings reveal.

Nationwide increases maximum loan-to-income on like-for-like remortgages

Nationwide Building Society has increased the maximum loan-to-income it will offer on like-for-like remortgages.

Green mortgages on the increase

The green mortgage market is growing, incentivising homeowners to make their properties more environmentally sustainable, according to independent financial information experts Defaqto.

What impact can equity release have on quality of life?

A post-pandemic property buying boom is driving up the prices of property across the UK. Meaning that older homeowners have more equity tied up in their homes than ever.

6 things to consider when applying for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage is no piece of cake. You need to consider all sorts of things and get many documents ready. Below, we’ve discussed everything to consider. Read ahead.

3 reasons to consider a home equity loan

3 reasons to consider a home equity loan

At some point or another, most homeowners have found themselves in a position where they need to free up money on a short deadline. Whether to cover unforeseen repairs or consolidate debt, finding cash to cover major expenses can be a major headache.

What young adults should know about mortgages before getting one

What young adults should know about mortgages before getting one

Buying a home is the great American dream. Ownership of a property is considered a status symbol. The government encourages its citizens to buy homes by making available finance at a very low rate of interest.

7 tips for getting your mortgage application approved

Applying for a mortgage, whether you’re buying a residential property or investing in a buy-to-let, can be daunting. For those without experience of the process, the number of financial factors taken into consideration is often overwhelming.

3 Ways Your Credit Score Affects You

3 Ways Your Credit Score Affects You

Our credit scores represent one of the most important resources lenders have access to when they are trying to learn more about us. Many of our financial decisions become significant within our credit history and hold a considerable amount of sway over our lives.

Why mortgages are rejected and how to avoid it

Every day there are prospective home buyers who fill out mortgage loan applications and then cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Leeds set to boost first time buyer support with rate reductions

Leeds Building Society is continuing its support for first time buyers through a range of rate reductions on high LTV (loan to value) and Help to Buy mortgages.

First Time Buyer mortgages bucking trend with record low rates for low deposits

While interest rates are increasing overall, mortgages for first time buyers have just got cheaper, according to new research by Defaqto, the financial information business.

Longer-term fixes reach record high

Paragon Mortgages’ latest Financial Advisors Confidence Tracking (FACT) Index report, based on interviews with 199 mortgage intermediaries, shows longer-term fixed rate mortgages continue to grow in popularity with homeowners opting for five-year products to benefit from better rates.

What exactly is a reverse mortgage?

For many long years or even decades, you may have made regularly monthly home loan payments to your lender. Over the years, you likely saw your property value rise and your outstanding loan balance decline.