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One in five people believe property is the best way to fund retirement

One in five people believe property is the best way to fund retirement

It’s fair to say property is a general fixation and for most families, the home is a fort. There is reassurance in investment you can see and middle-aged couples planning for retirement have turned into amateur landlords to cash in on profit from rental properties.

Average amount invested in pensions up 75% year-on-year

In light of Pensions Awareness Day Helal Miah, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, comments on options available to pension investors and provides some long term investment ideas:

How Britain’s growing debt is impacting our pension potential

In November 2016, Britain’s household debt skyrocketed to its highest level since the financial crash of 2008. The country borrowed £192.2 billion in that month alone — a 10.8% increase from the same period in 2015. £66.7 billion of this was spent on credit cards.

A blueprint for getting the self-employed into pensions

Major pension providers Aviva and Royal London have joined forces to produce a recommendation of how to extend auto enrolment to the self-employed.

Dividend paying investments could be the key to a profitable retirement

Graham Spooner, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, provides some dividend paying investments that could be suitable for longer-term SIPP investors:

Over 50s regret retiring

Suggestions that the retirement age should be increased is often met with fierce opposition, with more change coming as from 2019 the state pension age starts to rise to age 66 for men and women by 2020.

ISAs vs Pensions - which should people invest in?

With the tax free allowance on savings now set at £1,000, people are beginning to consider what the benefit is of investing in an ISA and whether there are other options, such as pensions, that they would be better off investing in.

Self-employed state pension boost 'dwarfs' NICs rises

New calculations by Royal London show that the state pension boost which many self-employed people have received under recent reforms is significantly greater than the amount which the self-employed will lose through recently announced NIC changes.

Four in ten over 40s have no idea of the cost of retirement

Despite the Government’s pension freedoms giving us more control over our money in retirement, new research shows that 40% of people over 40 have no idea of the cost of even a basic lifestyle in retirement, suggesting that more needs to be done to show people how much they need to save in order to be able to afford a decent retirement.

Self-employed living in La La Land when it comes to pension saving

A global study looking into the saving habits of the self-employed revealed that in the UK, many are not taking adequate steps to prepare for their future retirement.

More than 1.5 million personal State Pension forecasts requested since the launch of the new State Pension

In the 6 months after the launch of the new State Pension in April, more than 1.5 million personal State Pension forecasts were issued.

Spending declines by half between early and later retirement

New analysis of income and average expenditure statistics by Aegon has found that spending falls by half amongst those aged 50-65 to those aged 75 and over.

Pensioners to benefit from reforms to long service cap

Hundreds of members of the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) are set to benefit from changes to the compensation cap.

Cash-hungry generations turning pension into new heirloom

The family heirloom is under threat because younger generations are more interested in receiving a cash inheritance from their parents, say financial services provider, NFU Mutual.

Aegon shines light on the value of an inflation proofed pension

People who purchase an annuity at retirement typically opt for a level pension rather than one that starts at a lower level but increases each year at a fixed rate or in line with inflation.