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Credit Cards

TSB offers £20 cashback for new credit card customers

TSB is offering £20 cashback to new customers taking out a TSB credit card when they spend £20.

Brits pay off holiday credit debts - before setting foot abroad

Credit cards are now the most popular way for Brits to pay for holidays and an overwhelming majority who use credit cards when booking holidays will have paid off their balance in full before travelling, new research from Halifax reveals.

6 million Brits have been a victim of financial fraud

Over a third (34%) of Brits are worried about falling victim to fraud, according to new research. The poll also found that 12% of UK adults (5.9 million people) have already been a victim of a financial fraud, while one in ten said that at least one of their online accounts has been hacked.

Most consumers don't understand their credit card

Millions of credit card holders face a New Year financial hangover because they aren’t clued up about their credit card, according to new insight from MoneySuperMarket.

Barclaycard launches as credit card pre-approval partner on MoneySuperMarket

MoneySuperMarket has announced the UK’s leading credit card provider, Barclaycard, as the latest big name to offer the pre-approval facility across its credit cards portfolio on the price comparison website, where customers can now apply for seven of its Platinum and Freedom products.

M&S bank launches its longest ever interest-free period

M&S Bank has launched its longest ever interest-free period for new M&S Credit Card customers, who can enjoy 0% interest on all purchases and balance transfers for 25 months from account opening.

Lloyds Bank launches 40 month 0% interest offer on balance transfers

Lloyds Bank has launched a 40 month, 0% interest balance transfer offer – its longest ever.

Halifax launches 24 month credit card offer with 0% interest and no balance transfer fee

Halifax has launched a new credit card offer giving 0% interest for up to 24 months on balance transfers with no balance transfer fee.

19 million Brits admit to a previous decade of debt

With the credit card reaching its 50th anniversary this week, new insight from MoneySuperMarket reveals over a third (37 per cent) of Brits have been saddled with this debt for up to ten years.

How to avoid being a victim of card fraud

Card fraud is big business for crooks. According to Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), fraud losses on payment cards (credit, debit, charge and ATM-only cards) totalled £567.5 million in 2015, an increase of 18% on the previous year. It accounted for three-quarters of financial fraud losses.

Play your cards right when going abroad Money is warning holidaymakers to check their plastic and not get caught out with foreign usage fees when going abroad this Easter.

MBNA gets ready for Android Pay

Credit card expert MBNA has announced that it will be amongst the first to bring Google’s Android Pay to its customers as the countdown to its UK launch, scheduled for later in 2016, begins.

Lloyds Bank extends 0% Balance Transfer and Purchase Card offer to 24 months

Lloyds Bank has enhanced its product range with the launch of an improved combined credit card offer, giving customers 24 months at 0% for both balance transfers and purchases.

Seven million plan to transfer credit card balance in 2016

Research from Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards reveals that around seven million UK adults (14%) are considering transferring a credit card balance in 2016.

Still time to spread the cost of Christmas spend

Festive shoppers planning to spread the cost of Christmas have still got time to apply for a 0% purchase credit card.