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Online tool helps find a credit card without damaging your credit score

13th November 2017 Print

People searching for a credit card can take advantage of a new service which helps them find an appropriate card without damaging their credit score.

Capital One has just launched an enhanced version of its QuickCheck tool. It tells customers which of the credit card provider’s products is most suited to them and their likelihood of being accepted, all without having to make a full application, so no mark is left on their credit history.

New research shows 18 per cent of the population abandoned hope of applying for credit cards in the past year as they believed they would be turned down by the issuer, or had been declined in the preceding year. The research shows only a fifth of those had checked their credit records before deciding not to apply.

QuickCheck requires customers to input some basic details, such as their name, address and employment status, to complete a search.

The service then tells them which Capital One card is most suited to them, such as the Aspire Elite card for customers with a perfect credit history or the Classic Card for people with bad credit or for those looking to build credit, and their likelihood of being accepted. No mark is left on their credit file until they complete a full application.

QuickCheck has been launched following feedback from existing and potential customers and initial results from tests on the website show strong demand for the service.

Lucy Hagues, head of marketing strategy at Capital One, said: “Credit cards, used with care, can help people to manage their money effectively. Our aim is to help customers make informed choices and use credit wisely.

“QuickCheck was developed following feedback from customers and prospective customers who told us that, when thinking about applying for a card, they feared rejection and the consequential damage to their credit file. We responded by developing a tool which reduces this risk and early feedback indicates people are delighted with it.

“We tested a prototype version of QuickCheck at the start of the year. It has proven very popular, and we continue to make improvements to it in response to customer feedback.”

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