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Spending Habits

Best finance tips for overcoming debt

Trying to manage debts can cause unnecessary anxiety, but the truth is that getting out of debt is achievable with the right tools and motivation. There is also plenty of help available, both online and in person, so you do not need to struggle alone.

Spending too much shopping online? 7 tips to save money

Spending too much shopping online? 7 tips to save money

Online shopping is the most convenient and quick way to receive a bunch of items you want at a fraction of the price; you just need to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

How to become smarter with your finances

How to become smarter with your finances

We all have goals that we aspire to fulfill in life, but this can only be possible if we learn to be smart with money. Money forms an integral part of our lives since it influences almost everything that we do in our respective societies.

Take charge of your personal finances in 2021

Take charge of your personal finances in 2021

This year is your time to get a handle on your personal finances. If you want to manage your debts, plan for the future, or get advice on how to invest in your future, we have compiled some prudent tips for getting on your feet and planning for financial success.

How to make money in a pinch

How to make money in a pinch

Are you scrambling to find the cash to pay bills this month? As the world continues to grapple with a struggling economy, many people worldwide are finding it hard to make ends meet.

8 ways to save money each month that are easier than you think

Slashing the cost of your monthly expenses can often start to feel a little impossible. You manage to reduce the cost of one bill only to find that another one is going to rise.

Common money mistakes to avoid in college

When you think about graduating from college, you might imagine walking away with a diploma, a body of knowledge, some good contacts and possibly some relevant work experience.

Five ways to take back control of your money during lockdown

New insight reveals that over a third (34%) of UK adults claim financial matters confuse them and 73% say they are more careful with their finances than they used to be.

3 easy wins for spring cleaning your household finances

3 easy wins for spring cleaning your household finances

With Spring now well and truly here, you may have been thinking about different ways you could refresh things in your day-to-day life a little.

Important questions to ask yourself before making expensive purchases

We’ve all had that dreadful feeling of regret after making a large purchase and realizing that it was a costly mistake.

5 financial tips to master as a new grad

As a new college grad, you will be facing new financial challenges that differ from student life. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is unfortunately very common among new grads who struggle to set up a proper budget.

4 major lifestyle trends for 2019

Some of the hottest lifestyle trends for 2019 are related to physical health, environmental awareness and convenient shopping.

5 ways to avoid unnecessary financial risks

While there are several reasons that taking some financial risks are a good thing, there are other times that you want to make sure you have a secure hold of your finances.

Confidence in UK economy at eleven month low

Confidence in the UK’s economy (36%) fell to its lowest level since January 2018, figures from the latest Lloyds Bank Spending Power Report has shown.

A high spending Christmas – but what else lies in store for SMEs in the business?

The UK’s retail sector has endured a turbulent 2018, with an average of 14 shops having closed every single day during the last 12 months.