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How can businesses help to save water?

Water shortages are a major issue in Columbia and around the world. Droughts and fires are just two of the problems associated with a diminished water supply, and communities around the globe suffer from a lack of water.

A list of ways you can save up on water

A list of ways you can save up on water

About 71% of the world’s surface is covered by water. This sounds okay until you learn that 96% of the water is in oceans that are too salty to be used by humans.

7 steps to take after water damage to your house

7 steps to take after water damage to your house

Owning a house means there are several responsibilities that you need to shoulder to keep your home in good shape. You need to watch out for early deterioration or any damaged areas in your house.

Brits spend £707 million a year fighting water wars

New research from Direct Line Home Insurance reveals that in the last five years alone, over four million people across the UK (eight per cent) have experienced damage to their property because of an escape of water from a neighbour’s home.

Household bills cost over £700,000 in a lifetime

The average UK household will spend a staggering £713,232 on bills and living expenses over a lifetime, according to analysis by

Use water and energy more wisely to plug into valuable savings

Small changes could add up to valuable savings on consumers’ energy and water bills, according to the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) which is supporting the Big Energy Saving Week (October 20-24).

Drain on households as water bills rise on 1st April

Water bills to rise by an average of 2% or £8 a year from 1st April - average household will pay £393 a year for water and sewerage, according to

Thames Water launches new ‘green’ wastewater treatment trial

Thames Water hopes an innovative energy-saving trial will cut the cost of treating wastewater in some of its older biological reactors by up to 50 per cent.

Ofwat pressure gets better deal for water customers

Ofwat has welcomed the decision by six water companies to ease the burden on customers in 2014–15 through lower bills.

Utility statements top Britain’s most baffling bills

Electricity bills top the nation’s list of the most baffling bills with 36% of people saying that they find them hard to understand, closely followed by gas and water bills.

4 million UK adults are in gas, electricity or water bill arrears

4 million adults in the UK are in debt to one or more of their utility providers, according to research by the Debt Advisory Centre.

Households face another drain on finances

On 1st April, 2013, Ofwat's price hike comes into effect, raising the average annual water bill to £388.

Consumers hung out to dry as Ofwat announces water price hikes

Ofwat's announcement that the average water bill will rise by 3.5% to £388 in April will see consumers forced once again to tighten their purse strings, warns, the independent price comparison and switching service.

There she blows! Water woes cost homeowners

Almost half of Saga Home Insurance customers say that their biggest concerns in the home are fire (24%) and burglary (23%).

Brits urged to stop throwing money down the plughole

E.ON has released research providing insight into Brits' bathing habits, revealing people in the UK spend almost two billion shower-hours and over one billion hours relaxing in the bath each year.