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Mecca encourages bingo fans to save energy

Mecca encourages bingo fans to save energy has gone from pink to green, with a brand new scheme that aims to provide bingo fans with quick and easy ways to save energy.

Bristol Water allowed to raise prices 15%

The Consumer Council for Water has warned that the Competition Commission's final decision on how much Bristol Water can charge its customers until 2015 is well above what many customers will be willing to accept.

Water rate 'postcode lottery' hangs consumers out to dry

Cash strapped consumers will today be breathing a small sigh of relief after news that water bills will be falling this year by 0.76% or £2.58 on average.

Check your pipes, but watch the DIY!

Brits are being urged to check their water works this Easter to help prevent a future household disaster.

Landlords beware of burst water pipes

After the coldest winter for 30 years, Redbrick Landlords Insurance is warning landlords of the dangers of not taking out a specialist insurance policy for their investment properties.

Water prices mixed news for 2010/11

Although average water bills across England and Wales will remain relatively steady over the next year, it's mixed news for customers as some bills will go down and some up, says the Consumer Council for Water.

Water and sewerage bills flat for 2010-11

The average household water and sewerage bill across England and Wales is set to remain broadly flat in 2010/11.

Don't let burst pipes put a dampener on your property this winter

Direct Line has seen a one-third rise in claims from burst pipes and other water damage as a result of the severe weather during the first part of January this year.

AXA urges homeowners to protect water pipes

With the Met Office forecasting plummeting temperatures again this week, AXA is warning people to make sure they take precautions to avoid the misery of a burst pipe.

Homeowners urged to check for water leaks

Colder weather can wreak havoc on water pipes, and the Consumer Council for Water is urging homeowners to check for signs of leaks as the temperature begins to rise.

Frozen pipes could cost homeowners dear

Homeowners across the South West are being warned that a winter cold snap and frozen or burst pipes could have huge financial implications and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Protect your pipes as cold weather bites

Homeowners are being warned of the dangers of burst pipes caused by freezing water as Aviva reveals it saw a 500% increase in water damage claims during the plummeting temperatures last winter.

Protect your home from water damage

The recent floods in Cockermouth have highlighted to homeowners the damage water can cause and the need to protect the home from winter perils such as floods, storm damage and frozen pipes.

Homeowners urged to protect their water systems

With over a third (35%) of Brits away for a few days or more over the Christmas and winter holiday period, AXA Home Insurance is warning that burst pipes could be a bigger threat than burglary while you're away.

Water watchdog gives Ofwat seven out of 10 for water deal

The Consumer Council for Water has given Ofwat a mark of seven out of 10 for its final decisions on water price limits in England and Wales from 2010 to 2015.