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The phone you have is almost certainly a GSM device. GSM or ‘Global System for Mobile Telecommunication is a worldwide standard. It works on agreed frequencies and network standards which are identical the world over.

Best time to buy iPhone 7 is six weeks after launch

Some people will be getting their hands on the new iPhone 7 for the first time, but new analysis from MoneySuperMarket reveals the best time to buy the much talked about new handset is actually on 14th October – six weeks after the official launch date (9th September). launches mobile phone comparison has launched a new service that allows customers to compare mobile phone deals. The service has been developed to allow consumers simple comparison of new mobile phone contracts, filtering options by budget, phone model, usage and contract length.

EE reaches 7.7 million 4G customers as network expansion continues

EE, the UK’s largest mobile operator, added a record 5.7million customers to the 4G network in 2014, with 1.7 million in the last two months alone.

Vodafone UK customers able to use 4G in 40 destinations worldwide in time for the festive period

Vodafone UK customers will be able to take advantage of ultrafast 4G roaming in 40 countries with the addition of 17 destinations in time for Christmas and the New Year.

Government secures landmark deal for UK mobile phone users

Consumers and businesses set to benefit from guaranteed £5bn investment into UK’s mobile infrastructure.

EE launches 4G+ network in Central London

EE launches 4G+ network in Central London

EE has switched on its 4G+ network in central London. The next step in 4G technology – also known as LTE-Advanced – will give customers access to one of the fastest networks in the world, delivering real world mobile data speeds of 150Mbps to a smartphone.

EE refreshes SIM Only 4G plans

EE, UK digital communications company, has launched a refreshed range of 4G SIM Only plans, designed to simplify the variety of options to best suit customers’ needs.

EE revamps pay as you go market with 4g packs

EE revamps pay as you go market with 4g packs

EE has launched a range of market leading Pay As You Go (PAYG) packs with 4G included in all at no extra cost – starting from just £1 per week.

EE customers get 4G speeds in 16 more countries this Bank Holiday

EE announced it has extended access to superfast 4G for customers travelling to 16 countries. The deals are the latest in a series of outbound roaming agreements that will allow EE customers to enjoy 4G speeds in the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Tesco launches free 4G pay as you go deal

Commenting on the launch of Tesco’s free 4G pay as you go package, Rob Kerr, mobiles expert at says: "Tesco's new free 4G pay as you go offering now gives it the edge on the competition of the other MVNOs, Giffgaff and Virgin Mobile.

Huge cuts in mobile data roaming price caps from 1 July

From 1 July 2014, the EU will cut the price caps for data downloads by more than half: down from 45 cents per megabyte to 20c/MB. It will become even cheaper to use maps, watch videos, check mails and update social networks while travelling across the EU.

Missed mobile payments could cost you the home of your dreams

Mobile phone users are unwittingly putting their chances of getting credit, including mortgages, at risk by paying their mobile phone bills late or missing payments altogether, according to a survey on behalf of mortgages and loans broker

England football fans could face £5,000 mobile penalty from Brazil World Cup

England fans heading to the World Cup in Brazil next month could be stung with eye-watering mobile phone bills of £4,859 if they opt out of automatic mobile data limits imposed by most networks, according to new research from

Over 9 million mobile users could be unwittingly paying for handsets they’ve already paid off

More than 9 million mobile phone owners could be forking out money each month for handsets that have already been paid off in full, according to new research by