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How to stay warm this winter without electricity or gas

6th December 2022 Print

As the nights get colder and the energy crisis ensues, you may wonder how to stay warm this winter without electricity or gas.

Don’t panic: read some handy hints and tips from Millercare. Today, we’ll tell you how to save energy in your home by conserving heat and electricity. 

The more prepared you are with warm clothing, insulation and forms of alternative energy, the safer you’ll feel when temperatures drop. 

1 Wrap Up In Layers!

It’s time to bring out your finest woolly clothes.

Layering on clothing to conserve body heat is one of the best, low-cost ways to keep warm. Fleece-lined socks will not only make your feet look cosy, but they’ll feel it too. 

You can purchase fashionable fleece-lined tights, pants or just layer clothing straight from your wardrobe. Double up on t-shirts, and always remember to wear socks while walking around cold floors and stairs.

2 Locate and Block Drafts

Do you often notice a slight breeze drifting through your home, even when all the doors and windows are closed? 

A draft is likely entering through cracks and crevices around your windows and doors. These tiny openings can flood your home with cold air and render all your lovely heating useless. 

To block drafts, use thick material, such as old towels or blankets, and press them against the closed doors in your home. You can also use tape! Although a small step, this will ensure your rooms stay warm and toasty for longer. 

3 Let Sunlight In 

Wintertime isn’t well-known for its abundance of sunny weather. On days when the sun peeks through the clouds, seize the opportunity by allowing sunlight into your home!

Open any curtains and blinds during the day and let your home heat up with solar energy. During winter, temperatures drop once the sun sets. 

By allowing more warmth into each room, you can trap heat later by shutting your curtains as the night grows darker. 

4 Use Candles

Candles can be a beautiful addition to any home’s interior decor. However, they are also highly functional and have been used as a heat source by humans for many years. 

The most sturdy and energy-efficient type are pillar candles made from rigid wax. Depending on the size of your pillar candle, you could get 30-90 hours worth of burning time out of it! 

Place your pillar candles on a heat-proof dish mounted on any neutral heat source. Always blow them out before you sleep, and keep them away from flammable materials! 

5 Do Some Exercise! 

Nothing warms the body quicker than getting a sweat on! Engage in some light exercise to get your blood pumping and increase your body heat. 

Get the whole family involved with a workout video from YouTube. Play active games with your children, or search for a Zumba video to get everyone moving.

Raising your body temperature keeps your health in tip-top condition whilst warming you up without extra equipment or clothes. 

6 Drink Warm Drinks

Hot chocolate is never amiss in winter, so raise your internal temperature with steaming beverages.

Whether you prefer tea, coffee, cider or mulled wine, guzzling a hot drink with your family will create the perfect winter atmosphere and warm you up at the same time. 

As well as being a delicious treat, your hands will benefit from the heat your mug radiates.

7 Use Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are wintertime essentials: no home should go without them! 

They’re an inexpensive heat source that can keep you snug for hours. Head to your local supermarket and pick a few up for the family. 

Preferably, go for hot water bottles with covers made from soft, insulating materials: this will keep the water hot for longer and make for a more snuggly heat source. 

If you have electricity and gas to spare, heat your kettle, wait for the water to cool down and fill your hot water bottle. 

Or, you could heat your water on an alternative, energy-saving source, like a gas camping stove.