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3 essential ways to save money as a student

We all know that life as a student can be expensive — especially if you don’t live at home! Accommodation, living costs, and, of course, being able to fund an active social life!

The long-term benefits of proper money management

Money is something that we all need to live and to look after our families. It is also something that can cause a lot of stress – mainly if you do not have enough coming in each month!

What are the top tips for saving money?

We’re always on the lookout for ways to save money, especially after our bank balances have taken a hit over the festive period.

4 secrets to making and saving money

4 secrets to making and saving money

Being financially healthy is never a bad thing, but many people have trouble making and saving enough money to live comfortably. According to a survey, only 16 percent of Americans save more than 15 percent of their incomes, which is the amount financial experts generally recommend.

Are we a nation of savvy savers? New data reveals the extent of UK’s saving habits.

New research has revealed the attitudes that the UK public have towards putting their money away for a rainy day.

Educating children about money and financial responsibility

2014 saw the introduction of financial education into England’s secondary school curriculum. The Money Charity found that as of 2016, 90% of schools were delivering this education — but what about the quality?

More grandparents supporting their grandchildren with time and money

That often strongest of inter-generational family bonds - the one between grandparents and grandchildren - is gaining ever more practical and emotional currency in modern families with grandparents being dubbed the generous generation by giving more of both their time and their money to help their families.

5 tips on making and saving more money in 2018

Money – we could all do with a bit more of it and could all do with using what we’ve got a little better. Yet, that’s easier said than done, right? Well, maybe not. Here are five top tips on making and saving more money that you should take on board for 2018

How to find the spending/saving balance with your bet winnings

So, you’ve made a bet and luck was on your side and now you can cash out. Lucky you! But before you fly out on your next holiday or decide to quit your job, it’s a good idea to step back and think about how you’re going to use this money.

Financial fears: over two fifths (45%) of UK worried about their financial future

According to the latest research from Aldermore’s 2017 Annual Savings Tracker, over two fifths (45%) of the nation is worried about its financial future.

Reality bites: lack of savings makes goals out of reach for many

The latest research from Aldermore’s 2017 Annual Savings Tracker reveals that over three fifths (61%) of the nation are saving, putting away an average of £2,748 a year.

Leeds launches new 2.30% Regular Saver

Leeds Building Society launches a new Regular Saver product today paying 2.30%.

Clinical study highlights savings worries risk to mental health

As the nation continues to open up on mental health issues, research released today as part of Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May 2017) by Scottish Widows shows that one in six of us has suffered psychological problems as a result of money concerns.

Market-leading savings account added to Leeds online offering

Leeds Building Society has launched a new issue of its popular Online Access Account.

Lack of confidence means women over 50 are not making the most of their financial future

A new study released today has revealed the growing tendency of older people, and in particular women, to frown at the thought of entrusting their money to financial organisations.