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Leeds launches new 2.30% Regular Saver

5th July 2017 Print

Leeds Building Society launches a new Regular Saver product today paying 2.30%.

Regular Saver (Issue 5) offers savers this return with the flexibility to choose when they make deposits, up to a maximum permitted balance which increases by £250 each month.

This means a saver can miss a payment for one month or more and catch up later. They also can make more than one deposit in a month provided they don’t exceed the maximum balance permitted.

“We were founded as a building society to help people to save and have the home they want,” said Richard Fearon, Leeds Building Society’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“It’s important we support a culture of regular saving and our new Regular Saver account offers a rate to encourage members to keep up a longer-term habit of putting away money little and often.

“When we surveyed our members on the most important feature of a savings account, a high proportion wanted flexibility, so we’re giving them the choice of when they want to make deposits to maximise their return.

“Unlike comparable products, our Regular Saver (Issue 5) offers a higher return without the requirement to hold other accounts with us, and it can be opened online.”

The account can be opened in branch, by post or online, and can be operated in branch and by post.