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Is streaming better than content creation?

2nd March 2022 Print

Today, people regularly enjoy doing what they love best more often, as there has been no better time other than the present to get paid for doing what people love. This is true for all sorts of hobbies – even gambling. In recent years, the gambling scene has exploded and the industry has reached atmospheric heights. This is due to the rise of online gambling and players who access some of the games found at and other sites will immediately see why it is becoming the preferred way to gamble. Just like gamblers can make a living from playing, the same is true for gamers.

The gaming industry has also seen remarkable growth in recent years, and this is impressive when considering attitudes towards video games when they first started to launch. Certainly, any child who confessed that they wanted to play video games for a job would’ve been immediately dismissed. As most will know today though, playing video games for a living is a valid career path that people can take – one only must look towards PewDiePie and others for great examples of this. Most tend to gain gaming careers through platforms like Twitch, where people live stream to an audience who can interact with the streamer in real-time.

Since Twitch first came out, people have simply fallen in love with live streaming and now, Twitch presents a real problem for traditional video sharing sites such as YouTube. Given that there are a couple of options that gamers have to choose from when deciding to earn money from the activity, it will be useful to learn what the positives and negatives of streaming and content creation are.

There is no doubt that YouTube is the king of content creation, and those who use this platform will typically pre-record their videos to upload later. While people can interact with them, they can only post comments, unlike Twitch where interaction is live. This means that Twitch is a more social experience, but it could be said that the earning potential on the platform is lower than YouTube and this is because YouTube is a bigger company with a bigger audience. As YouTube has been around for a long time though, it can be incredibly difficult to get established with the platform. One only needs to filter by the gaming category on the platform to see the saturation of content within this genre.

While both platforms can pay dividends over time for those who just want to game casually, it would seem that Twitch is the better choice for those looking to get started. This is because it will likely be easier to grow on this platform given Twitch’s younger age and more interactive environment.

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