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How to create a powerful video testimonial

24th January 2022 Print
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Video testimonials are an effective marketing tool that can help improve your brand's credibility. It has become easier for consumers to take high-quality videos in recent years due to the proliferation of camera phones.

This has naturally led to video testimonials becoming more common on websites since even the average Joe or Jane can shoot a compelling video without depending on a full-fledged audio-visual recording studio.

What’s more, online consumers are becoming used to video content and are at times preferring it over vanilla text.

Furthermore, video testimonials can be much more persuasive than text reviews. Yet, one needs to ensure the style used to create the video resonates with the brand image.

While asking your customer to make a video testimonial, it is crucial to guide them on adopting best practices that ensure your audience instantly relates to the testimonial. Let us have a look at how to create a powerful video testimonial.

1) Follow a structure

A successful video testimonial needs to have a well-defined structure. A typical structure would be having an interesting introduction, a captivating middle portion, and a natural conclusion. The introduction of the testimonial should explain why the customer needed the product or service in the first place.

The middle should focus on why they went ahead with that particular business instead of others. Lastly, the conclusion should emphasize the level of customer satisfaction and how their problem was solved using the product or service.

While structuring the video, try to make sure it is interactive with follow-up questions. Follow-up questions will clarify doubts and give a better idea about the customer experience with the brand. Sometimes during clarification, negative feedback may come forward.

As a result, businesses get the necessary inputs to improve their operations.

2) Send an email with points that the testimonial should cover

For a powerful video testimonial, you should remember that customers need some time to prepare first. Mailing customers specific points to keep in mind while talking about their experience with your brand is helpful.

Giving customers a list of video testimonial questions beforehand is helpful too. You can even send a list of areas they could cover. Example areas to touch upon are why they chose your brand, anything specific that they appreciate, what they loved the most, and so on.

A short brief about how they should shoot the video, their etiquette, and the duration of the video can also be useful.

While informing customers about the process, focus on preparing them instead of providing a script. A script will make the testimonial seem unnatural and less authentic. The testimonial should be conversational and based on real-life experience.

3) Use Efficient Techniques

Creating a powerful video testimonial requires good skills and features. For instance, the testimonial should have a sense of realism that engages viewers. As a result, the setting where your customer shoots the video is vital.

Your customer should be in a location that has good lighting and low noise levels. The video must appear professional so that the audience knows that your company is authentic and reliable.

The quality of the video testimonial in terms of visuals and sound has an impact. It's vital to ensure that the video is crisp and clear- with every minute detail influencing what your audience thinks.

4) Build an emotional connect

Building an emotional connection with the potential audience is an important factor to keep in mind in a video testimonial. The audience should connect and relate to the content in the video. The insights shared by an existing customer will impact how your prospective customers will view your services and products.

For example, suppose a customer shares their previous experience in a video testimonial about being anxious or worried and narrates their journey to resolve their problem with the help of your company. In that case, you are likely to win the trust of potential customers facing a similar situation.

In Summary

In the end, a powerful video testimonial connects potential customers to your brand. It should create a connection and leave your viewers feeling satisfied and confident about your products and services.

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